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Describe the major differences which may exist between a scientific and religious account of the origins of the universe There are two different types

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AMDG Jordan Gray Describe the major differences which may exist between a scientific and religious account of the origins of the universe There are two different types of arguments which revolve around how the universe began and of its origins. The scientific account of this is "The Big Bang" theory which states that the universe originated from the supernova (death) of a star and all the tiny particles fused together. The religious classification of this is how "God created the world in six days, on the seventh he rested". Both sides tell us that the opposing argument is utter nonsense and to believe `their` account. These two contradictory proclamations have both been around for hundreds of years and I will explain the major differences between them throughout this essay. Science teaches us many things which challenge the argument of the scientific account. ...read more.


Is basically the argument of science, and it is backed up furthermore with facts and proof; "When the star exploded..." This makes the argument very compelling and believable because when people find out about this view of the origin of the universe they will look for facts to back up what they have been told, the religious view can't offer any proof or facts. Religion on the other hand disputes in contradiction with the view of science and believes that the universe was created by the one and only God, not by particles and atoms fusing and performing the, once believed to be, impossible. For thousands of years before people knew about physical cosmology they accepted that the world was "created in six days". Although no proof at all was proposed they believed this account as there was no alternative and. ...read more.


Now, to me this seems too perfect and it undermines the argument of religion, weakening it and deeming it to be artificial. No evidence is given to back up each of its claims it is all about what happened and nothing about how or why it happened which surplus is shown in the argument of science. However, Genesis (the creation of the world) tells us literally of this view but maybe it is not to be taken literally, but metaphorically. In this case it is much easier and much more practical to believe, we can understand the relationship between God and the universe and how we as people were created. This brings me to conclude that in my opinion science is to a large extent the greater explanation of the origins of the universe because it states a realistic claim, and backs it up with proof and evidence. Religion however, does not. It states a claim of an impractical and idealistic manor and has no proof or evidence to back these claims up. ...read more.

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