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Describe the meaning behind the calling off e.g. Simon and the miraculous catch of fish

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A2 Coursework Describe the meaning behind the calling off e.g. Simon and the miraculous catch of fish Simon and the miraculous catching of fish: At the start of his ministry near lake Gale, he was getting pushed closer and closer to the lake as everyone was pressing around him to hear what he had to say so when Jesus saw two boats ashore he went and jumped into one of them which belonged to Simon and he asked him to move a little off of shore so that he could teach them from there. After he had finished speaking he told Simon to take the boat to deep water and put the nets out into the water to catch some fish but Simon answered " Master we worked hard all night trying to catch fish but we caught nothing. But you say to put the nets in the water so I will." Once the fishermen did this they caught so many fish that the nets started to break and they filled up both boats and they almost sank, as they were full. After Simon had seen this he told Jesus to go away as he was a sinful man. Everyone was amazed at the amount of fish that were caught and Jesus told Simon not to be afraid as from now he would fish for people. ...read more.


All the people were trying to touch Jesus, as a power that was healing them all came from him. Mary and Martha: Once while Jesus and his followers where traveling Jesus went into town where a woman named Martha let him stay with her. Martha had a sister named Mary who sat at Jesus' feet listening to him teach. Martha was busy doing all the housework so Martha went to Jesus and told him "Lord don't you care that my sister has left me alone to do the work? Tell her to help me". But the lord answered her and said " Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about so many things, only one thing is important Mary has chosen the better thing and it will never be taken away from her. B2 Coursework Martin Luther King: Martin Luther king was a black American who grew up in a country that treated black people as second-class citizens in the 1930s. Many of the people who had white employees were exploited and they were also discriminated against in many areas such as employment and shopping. In the 50s and 60s black people started to protest against these injustices and there were riots in several cities which were legally populated by black people. Things were in danger of getting out of hand due to rioting so reverend martin Luther king began to teach black people that there was another way so he organized boycotts, boycotts for buses, caf´┐Ż's, restaurants and schools which followed polities of segregations and freedom marches across America. ...read more.


As other people became curios of her selfless work donations flooded in and other nuns joined her and the congregation of sisters was formed. Mother Teresa believed that the dying needed to be wanted and that nothing can be achieved without god. She was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1979for her work and until her death she bought peace, love and happiness to thousands of people. Bob Geldoff: Bob Geldoff first became known as the lead singer of the 80s band the Boomtown Rats however, since then he has been awarded a knighthood for his work n raising money and awareness of the starving millions in Ethiopia. In 1984, following a news report from Ethiopia that touched and horrified him he and Midge Ure composed a song that was recorded by a large number of celebrities who worked for nothing and all the proceeds, 8 million pounds, went to fight famine in Ethiopia. The celebrities were known as Band Aid and the song "Do they know its Christmas" became the biggest selling record ever in Britain. This was followed by a similar project in America. Bob Geldoff went to Ethiopia to see how the funds raised could be best spent. Following his experience of the tragedies in Ethiopia he returned and organized Live Aid. +This music extravaganza was watched worldwide by an estimated 500 million people and raised millions for famine in Africa. Today Bob Geldoff 's work continues. ...read more.

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