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"Describe the Most Important Features of a Mosque"

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Rajvir Hundal Islam Coursework A-01 "Describe the Most Important Features of a Mosque" There are many important features of a Mosque. It is the Muslim place of worship. The features include: External Features The Dome The dome is an important feature because it allows the air to circulate. Islam originated in the Middle East where it can become very hot and humid. The dome is built over the prayer hall, which helps the human voice to be projected. The Minaret The minaret is a very large tower. Mosques usually have 3 or 4. The towers usually stretch well above the rest of the mosque. In Muslim countries, the call to prayer comes from the minaret. ...read more.


Internal Features The Prayer Hall The prayer hall is probably the most important part of the mosque. The prayer hall is simply a large room or can even be an open courtyard, for both men and women to pray. There are also no seats because room is needed to go through the Rat'ahs. In all mosques women and men are separated because Muslims believe praying together causes distractions. In most mosques there is often a balcony at the back of the prayer hall, the balcony is usually smaller than the men's because fewer women attend mosques as they often have to tend to their families. The prayer hall can be used for many different things including teaching and funeral services. ...read more.


Prayer mats usually have an arch on them or point which is to be laid down in the direction of the holy city of Makkah. The Mihrab In all mosques there is a qiblah wall with an alcove in the wall which is called the mihrab, this indicates the direction of Makkah as all Muslims need to know the direction of Makkah when praying. The Mimbar The mimbar is the only piece of furniture needed in a mosque. The mimbar is a set of at least 3 or more steps to raise the imam who preaches the Friday sermon, this is needed so he can be seen and heard. In some large mosques the imam may be very high and also may have a small platform at the top. ...read more.

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