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Describe the persecution of the Christians in Rome by Nero.

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'Christians and Persecution' (A) I Describe the persecution of the Christians in Rome by Nero Many different people have persecuted Christians over the centuries; these included both the Romans and the Jews. One of the most vicious and malicious culprits of this was the Emperor Nero. This started when Nero gave a grand concert at his palace in Rome. As a backdrop to the concert Nero ordered a few buildings to be set alight to illuminate the 'Sack of Troy'. At this time Rome was mostly constructed of wood and was easily set alight, the fire, therefore, spread very quickly. It lasted for nine days and destroyed a considerable area of the city. ...read more.


Nero was in trouble he had his back against the wall and he needed a scapegoat. He turned to the Christians who were not very well regarded with many misconceptions and rumours going on about them. One of them being that they were cannibals (because of a misinterpretation of the 'Lords Supper' in which they eat 'flesh' and drink the blood of Jesus Christ). Another rumour, which had no truth in it what so ever, was that they performed human sacrifices. They were also blamed for being anarchists and plotting a revolution in which they would overthrow Caesar. They were also believed to be highly anti-social because they were forbidden to attend any games and they weren't allowed to become actors or gladiators. ...read more.


It was in the aftermath of this that Peter and Paul gave their lives for their saviour, probably within a year of each other. The actual number of Christians who lost their lives under the rule of Nero is unknown but what we do know is that this persecution went on several years under Nero and wasn't just confirmed to Rome but spread all over the empire. The persecution carried on over in subsequent emperor's reigns. A strange law said that you weren't allowed to torture a Roman citizen, so all Christians who were Roman citizens were only allowed to be beheaded or any other humane way of execution. The apostle Paul was a citizen so he was spared from any kind of torture. By Duncan Robinson-Slater 10E2 ...read more.

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