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Describe the teaching of the religion you are studying about the sanctity of life in relation to abortion.

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PART A - Describe the teaching of the religion you are studying about the sanctity of life in relation to abortion. Christians believe in the sanctity of human life. They believe it is sacred and should not be treated badly or discarded thoughtlessly. Christians believe that God created the world and everything in it including man. They also believe that God created the world good. In the book of Genesis it states that man was created in 'God's image' this means that man was made in the reflection of God so man has some of the same characteristics as God and has a special relationship with God, God is able to relate to man. Nothing else was made in the image of God and this makes Christians believe that humans are special and have a responsibility to God to care for each other and creation. A quotation that supports these points is 'then God said 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the ground.'(Genesis 1:26-27). Therefore Christian's believe that human life is valuable to God and that God cares for and looks after each individual. They also believe that man has a soul 'the breath of life' which carries on living after our bodies die, no other animal has a soul and so this is another thing which makes humans special and another reason why Christians believe in the sanctity of life. ...read more.


At 8 weeks its stomach, liver, kidneys and brain are all functioning and at about 16 weeks it can grasp with its hands, swim, kick and turn somersaults. Abortions can be carried out later than 16 weeks but already the embryo has some human qualities. Some Christians who believe that before 24 weeks this human being already has a soul are strongly against abortion. Christians believe that God plans the life of someone before they are born. For instance in psalm 139 it says 'for you created my inmost being: you knit me together in my mother's womb' and in (Jeremiah 1:5) it says 'The word of the lord came to me saying 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you'.' Christians who believe that abortions are wrong do so because they believe in the sanctity of life and they believe humans are special and have a soul. And also that we should not kill other human beings. Abortions can be performed up to 24 weeks but babies who are born prematurely, from 19 weeks onwards, now sometimes survive yet it would have still been legal to abort them. Therefore many also believe that because of the attitude towards abortion is so lenient it has led to unprecedented loss of human life. Many Christians believe at fertilisation a unique human life begins, however most abortions actually take place after eight weeks of pregnancy when the entire foetus' organs are in place. ...read more.


This is a quote from a website (www.cofe.angligan.org) 'In the light of our conviction that the foetus has the right to live and develop as a member of the human family, we view abortion, the termination of that life by the act of man, as a great moral evil...the right of the innocent to life admits surely of a few exceptions indeed.' Methodists believe God gave us life and therefore it is sacred. They also believe the ability to decide whether an individual should be born is 'an awesome power' and the gift of life is precious and should be treated with respect. They do believe there are times when abortion is necessary but if an abortion is necessary then it should be carried out as quickly as possible. The Quakers are pacifists and so are against violence, they believe that there is no simple and easy answer as to whether abortion is right or wrong. In conclusion Christians believe in the sanctity of life and that life is sacred and precious to God. They believe this for many different reasons including the fact that humans are the only creatures to have an eternal soul. Because they believe in the Sanctity of life they believe that abortion is morally wrong. However arguments are about when a human gets a soul and therefore becomes a human, and whether abortion is right if the human does not have a soul. Many different people and many different denominations have different opinions on this subject. ...read more.

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