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Describe the teachings about the sanctity of life according to Christianity and Islam.

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1. Describe the teachings about the sanctity of life according to Christianity and Islam. The word sanctity literally means sacred, special or precious. The phrase 'sanctity of life' is the concept that human life is extra-special and precious, and should be protected in every possible way. According to the teachings of Christianity, all life belongs to God. As we can see in the Christian story of creation (Genesis), God created the first man, Adam, and then created the first woman, Eve. "Then the lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it, he breathed life-giving breath into his nostrils and the man began to live." (Genesis 1:27) Christians believe that God, as the creator of all, is the only one who has the right to take or give human life in any circumstance. "The lord kills and restores to life, he sends people to the world of dead and brings them back again." ...read more.


God would have accepted that a religion being introduced with ideas so radical that they would attempt to change the whole attitude of society completely would probably not be accepted. However, during Jesus' time, people were more accepting of the message of Christianity and more ready for a peaceful environment and less violent society. "Murder defiles the land, and except the death of the murderer there is no way to perform the ritual of purification for the land where a man has been murdered." (Numbers 35:33) This quote could be used to argue that life was still regarded as being precious and sacred because murder was seen as something punishable only by death, which is probably the most severe penalty anyone could pay. The biggest and perhaps most important suggestion that life is sacred according to the bible is one of the Ten Commandments, issued by God himself. "Thou shalt not kill." (Exodus 20-21) This is a very definite statement which clearly supports the idea that if a human takes another human's life they are going against the will of God. ...read more.


Obviously to conflict with God is not something a true Christian would wish to do. We can also see that the quotation supports the idea that because God made all human life and put a little bit of his own spirit into each human, it is much more valuable than the life of any other animal on this planet. As humans we are the children of God and he obviously values our lives much more than he does any other life because in ourselves we have a little bit of him. One aspect of Christian belief that suggests that human life is extra-special is that if a human follows the Christian faith they will eventually gain eternal life with God in Heaven. Obviously, God would not allow a human soul to enter heaven if he did not consider their lives to be of great worth. According to the teachings of Islam, human life is sacred. Islam supports the teachings of the Old Testament, and so it's ideas that God created life would be the same as those within Christianity. ...read more.

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