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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial television.

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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial television. When the television was first introduced to the United Kingdom, the main viewers were very religious. It was very common amongst the United Kingdom to go to church regularly and practise Christianity. There was no surprise that nearly all television programmes contained a religious element because most of society was religious or had respect for religion. Most of the UK was Christian therefore there were not many other people of different religions. It was therefore custom to broadcast Christian related programmes, and to say prayers at the end of each day. All of this has changed now as Britain has become a multi-faith society, and many have lost interest in religion. Now a day, watching the television is regarded as purely entertainment and has very little religious input. Of course religious programmes have not stopped completely. Whether it is seasonal or weekly programming there is still a regular pattern of programmes with a religious theme. During weekdays up until approximately 3pm, many programmes such as 'The Heaven and Earth Show' or 'Down to Earth' may have a certain element to them that includes debate on religious issues. Many of these talk related shows are broadcasted at a time when few people are watching the television and are not therefore given peak viewing space. ...read more.


However, although it is controversial, Jesus is still put in a good light. Religious people may find it funny as they are laughing at Brian, but can be put down by the amount of swearing in the film. The element of swear words in the film, also puts religion in a bad light. "Television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world." Do you agree? Being out of touch with the modern world doesn't only mean that you don't know about the latest technology or new fashion craze at that time. It also means that you are out of touch with many more of the simpler things to life now-a-days. Not being able to communicate or socialise well with other people can be seen as a reason to be classified as out of touch. Not being able to understand what is going on in the world around us, or not knowing or being aware of events around us, can lead to becoming quiet and shy and becoming a recluse, therefore out of touch. Many people of the modern society see religious people as just that- Recluse. It is obviously very hard not to know where they get such a judgement when it is portrayed quite a lot. ...read more.


He had fallen in love with Kathy who had a child named Ben. Alex offered to 'give up the church' for her. This was surprising to everyone, as he had given an oath to God to not be with women and let the church be his only love. This can also make him seem not as religious as some, but after he is rejected he thinks about his actions and the consequences and feels guilty for his proposal. He leaves the square with the guilty feeling that he had wanted to give up the church. This seems very in-touch with the modern world, as he had socialised and fallen in love. Even though he would have sacrificed the church for the woman he loved, he still would have been religious. All in all I think that religious people should all be given a closer look. It is not necessarily the fact that they are religious which isolates them - Dot had her age, Alex had fallen in love, and Sarah was being pushed into things she didn't want to do. The character from Grange Hill was put in a very awkward position, and took it a step too far. I believe that religion doesn't make a difference to who we are, and that if we are to be in touch or out of touch is a decision made on our part, not because we are religious or not. ...read more.

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