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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels

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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels There are many types of specifically religious programs shown on television. One type of programme is worship style. These types of programmes are aimed at people that may feel embarrassed about their faith or even worshiping around others. This show allows them to do this at home instead. Another type of religious programme is magazine type programmes. These are aimed at people that are not sure about their faith or are interested in finding out more. ...read more.


This religious programme is based around traditional Christian hymns and is viewed by an average of 3 million people weekly. While focusing on hymns, in recent years the shows have become more diverse, with a different theme for each show. Another show that is shown on BBC 1 is 'The Big Questions'. This is on during the morning whilst many Christians are at church. The show consists of questions that are asked by the audience to the TV presenter and it is then discussed. ...read more.


Religious documentaries are shown on Channel 4 and BBC for people that have an interest in religious. These are not usually shown on Sundays. This means that even people that may be part of a faith could watch them and discover more about theirs or another religion. These documentaries are aimed at middle aged people. They question and explain faiths and look deeper into religion. For example, some documentaries question the Bible and how it may or may not be true. Another shows you the life of a religious upbringing and the advantages and disadvantages that they could make for your child. These all inform religious and non-religious people of faith. ...read more.

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