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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels.

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ROUGH DRAFT 1 Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels. On television today they are few programmes which are specifically religious, specifically religious meaning the programmes focus on religions or a religion throughout the show. The issues discussed are relevant only to religion there are no moral or social issues. These days the majority of programmes are vaguely religious they are based more on views and interests rather then beliefs and values. The main objective of a specifically religious show is to either inform others about the religion or intentionally be broadcasted for a specific religion on a specific day. Looking through the T.V guide its evident the majority of specifically religious programmes are limited and normally tend to be on a certain day, which in this case are on Sunday. There are a few specific religious programmes on during the week but they all seem to be one-offs. There is one based on the Muslims in Afghanistan and another on marriage. The reason for these programmes is because of Ramadan and because of the September 11 events. The other religious programmes are songs of praise, the heaven and earth show, and holy smoke are on the main channels and these programmes are on a permanent basis. Also because of Remembrance Day for the deaths of the soldiers who died in the war's a programme was viewed which hymns were sang from the bible. There doesn't seem to be much evidence of a variety of religious programmes but due to the fact its Ramadan there seems to be more programmes based on Muslims which are one-off. The main genres of religious programmes on television today are normally presented as documentaries, one-off shows, magazines and worship style shows. One of the programmes which is vaguely religious more then specifically religious is the "Heaven and Earth Show" and the title suggests it's more religious then it actually is. ...read more.


This gives us a vivid idea of how domestic violence is viewed in Islam. In the Quran it states "the best of you are those who treat your wife best" and "the best of treasures is a good wife" and it's evident a good wife/husband may not harm each other. Like I stated before I'm going to analyse the relationship between Little Mo and Trevor in Eastenders. The characters in this programme are in a marriage and Trevor has been physically and verbally abusing Little Mo. The couple have been through a series of events which have caused Little Mo pain but she has suffered in silence because of the fear of getting hurt. These include incidents where Little Mo was raped by Trevor, brutally beaten over minor incidents, Trevor committing adultery, and continuous verbal abuse. These incidents went on for a while until Mo had enough and decided to take a stand this however did not go to plan and Trevor refused to let her go and in self defence she knocked an iron on Trevor's head. This resulted in a court sentence for an attempted murder. On her shortened release Little Mo returned still scared of Trevor until she met her new love Billy, he gave her confidence in herself and helped her overcome Trevor and file for a divorce. All was going to plan until Trevor assaulted his wife Donna and kidnapped their child and Little Mo to seek revenge on Little Mo and remind her he still had authority over her. During this period of time Trevor brought up the past, with the use of rhetorical questions and he had psychological power over her. Trevor manipulated Little Mo and took advantage of her weakness. This continued until Little Mo decided to stick up for herself and challenged Trevor to take up his threat to kill her. She brought up the past but showed he no longer affected her she was mentally free of him. ...read more.


However the concept of the good being rewarded is encouraged. However in the film Sam was portrayed to be a good man so when he was rewarded by going to heaven, Muslims would generally be pleased with the outcome as in Islam we believe the good will be rewarded. In Islam those who have been good will get there reward in their after life. In the film Carl was punished for murdering Sam and for his greed by suffering a painful death and was taken by the dark shadows to hell. Muslims would agree with this presentation of the bad being punished as it's justice and Muslims believe those who were bad are punished in the after life and taken to Hell. However Islam wouldn't agree with souls being taken away to hell or heaven straight after death as we believe we have to face god before our future is destined. Television and Religion - Give your response to the view that television always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world. To answer the following question I must identify what I believe is the modern world. In society today I would say the modern world is one which finds more things acceptable then before. For example about fifty years ago relationships and families were different but now people have more liberal thoughts about them. A modern world can also be one where Religion doesn't play a big part in people's life, fifty years ago more people were religious and would actually live there life on the teachings of their religion. A person out of touch may be one who doesn't believe in cohabitation and accepts divorce also has different opinions on abortion and euthanasia. They may be portrayed as being traditional and old fashioned. In the following evaluation I will first give examples for why the statement above may be true and then for against. I will conclude with my own opinion. In the television programme Eastenders there is a character called Dot Cotton who is portrayed as a religious person. ...read more.

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