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Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels.

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RE Coursework - (a.i) Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels. Over the years religious broadcasting has changed. When it first started it was made for a Christian audience. Over time this has changed introducing shows for the increased multi-cultural and multi-faith population that now lives in Britain. Religious shows have become more modern and up to date to attract viewers. As the number of church goers has gone down over the years, broadcasters have worked harder to improve their programmes so they can reach different audiences. They have started trying to attract 'vaguely religious' people, who only go to church on special occasions such as wedding's, christening's and funeral's. ...read more.


This week's show featured the Cathedral in Exeter and hymns including, 'We plough the fields and scatter' and 'Lord of beauty'. I think this programme would appeal to a regular church goer or the older viewer as it displays traditional beliefs. And is very similar to a church service itself. Another type of broadcast is a magazine style programme. This is like a chat show in the day time. They contain questions on ethical and moral issues. It also contains short documentaries, phone-ins and discussions. This type of programme might appeal to a wider, younger audience as it doesn't stay with-in the conventions of a normal religious broadcast, as it questions religious ideas, and has a modern approach. ...read more.


These programmes show how people have acknowledged issues like this, and started to question religious beliefs. This type of programme will interest many different types of people as it deals with many issues. It puts a modern approach to ideas and questions them. In conclusion I think the variety of religious programmes on television is very good. There is a wide range that can appeal to all different types of audiences. A lot of these shows deal with moral issues. Many people will find this interesting, and I would think that these programmes that have a format like that would get the best ratings. Although a lot of the programmes I researched were to do with Christianity. This might have been because the main television are aware that they have to attract a majority. ...read more.

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