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Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main TV channels.

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Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main TV channels. (BBC1/2,ITV1, C4) There are various types of religious programmes including documentaries, worship, magazine and miscellaneous (mixture of other types), which deal with a variety of topics such as worship and moral issues. Religious programmes are broadcasted at different times on a Sunday and therefore they attract a wide-ranging audience. Religious documentaries educate and inform their audiences e.g. Moses and Faith in Fashion. Magazine type programmes e.g. The Heaven and Earth Show, entertain their audiences as they bring up interesting issues, which are well placed for discussion and also include some humour. The magazine type programmes also make you reflect on moral issues to a certain extent as the issues are looked at from a range of perspectives. I don't think religious programmes make a difference to a person's faith however they may make you feel closer to God e.g. hymns in worship programmes. 'Songs of Praise' a worship programme (5:10-5:55pm BBC1, Sun) broadcasts from different locations each week. ...read more.


Jeremy Bowen who is a respected Middle East correspondent presents 'Moses'. 'Moses' questions whether the bible story is real, looking at historical evidence. There is a fairly low percentage of religious television on the four main channels, as they do not attract many people. Religious programmes are generally devoted to a Sunday because it is a holy day for Christians when they rest from work. Worship programmes in particular coincide with Christians going to church because the target audience is the vaguely religious who only got to church on a special festival e.g. Christmas, or those who are unable to go to church wanting to participate in hymn singing at home. The TV channels have made a commitment to broadcast religious programmes in a God-slot, which is a designated time only for religious programmes. As some religious programmes do not attract mass audiences they cannot be broadcasted in peak times (between 8-10pm) and in order to fulfil the commitment the programmes are put on late at night after 11pm e.g. signed version of Songs of Praise because there are not many people who will watch the programme. ...read more.


The four main channels must continue airing religious programmes because there are many people who are interested in them and the peak audience should not always be targeted, as the needs of everyone should be met. Many of the questions in My Favourite Hymns are related to Christianity as it looks at how Toyah Wilcox had a relationship with God once she was christened. All worship type programs (Church services) are aimed at Christians because the majority of the population of the UK is Christian and therefore there is a greater audience. The BBC is meant to educate the nation and they may need to show programmes of other religions in order to give a greater variety of religious programmes on the channel. A variety of programmes are shown during festivals of the major religions and therefore there is a variety however in my opinion more is required during other times. 'The Heaven and Earth show' only interviewed white people; this may be because they were believed to be Christians however there are black people who are Christians. I think a range of people from different background; races and cultures should have been interviewed to give a more varied opinion on the issue. ...read more.

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