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Describe what a Christian believes about marriage and divorce:

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Describe what a Christian believes about marriage and divorce:


Christians believed that marriage is a solemn agreement between two people in God’s eyes and in people’s eyes. It means that if a couple is already married, they should take it seriously and don’t take it as not a lifetime commitment. Because that is what marriage meant. It means to be for a lifetime commitment that two individuals should share for the rest of their lives.

Secondly, they believed that within marriage, the couple are intended by God to be sexually faithful to each other. This means that if the two opposite individuals are already married and have a lifetime commitment to each other, they should be faithful to each other and there should be trust between the both of them. In marriage, men should be loyal and faithful to their wife because that is what they solemnly vow in their marriage and that they should stick together and forever through the rest of their lives.

Thirdly, marriage is the ideal relationship in which to have and bring up children. It means that, if a couple is already married and has a lifetime commitment. It is just a time when they can start a family and live together. Because it is a time where a couple has already a deep and more stabilized relationship to one another, and they can already prove that they can build and start a family.

Another teaching is marriage is the ideal relationship in which sexual intercourse can take place. It means that if you are already married, then you can have sexual intercourse with no malice to other people. Because when you are already married, it is more likely acceptable by other people because you are already committed with your partner, and whatever happens; for example, they will have a baby, it is just normal to a couple to have a baby and it is accepted by everyone. Unlike, if you are not married to each other and you will have sexual intercourse and unluckily to have a baby, either of the two individuals cannot accept the baby and will have to decide if they will keep the baby or terminate it.

Marriage is a life-long commitment and every individual should be serious before undergoing on this situation. It is also a sacred and on important sacrament in becoming a full-human. So, people cannot just play with marriage and break it once they have enough of it.

Every human being is a gift from God, and everyone is meant for one another. That is why, before marriage every individual should accept each other not just in their physical characteristics but, also in their emotional characteristics.

Various Christians have differences when it comes about Various Christians have differences when it comes about marriage.  

Catholic Christians often called it as ‘Holy Sacrament of Matrimony

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