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Describe what Christians believe about the power of good and the power of evil.

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Describe what Christians believe about the power of good and the power of evil. Christians believe that God made everything; therefore, he is infinitely powerful and great, he has no equal. "God looked at everything he had made, and he was very pleased." This verse from Gen 1:31 says that God created the world and he was pleased with his work. "Give thanks to the Lord because he is good and his love is eternal." (Palms 107:1) In this, verse from Psalms 107:1 the bible says that God is great and he should be worshiped. The bible also says that God's love is eternal and therefore he is the source of goodness in this world. Some people ask the question where did evil come from, this question has been asked many times. I think it all started form when God first created the spiritual beings that we call angels. The head of the angels was called Lucifer; his name means "Morning Star". Lucifer was the closest angel to God. Lucifer rebelled against God because he wanted more, he wanted to be higher that the highest. Lucifer led a rebellion against God with some other angels. God did not like this idea and cast Lucifer out of the heavens. Lucifer was sent to what we now call hell. ...read more.


(1 John 3:8). Jesus died so that our sins may be forgiven. This was done so that the connection between God and man could be rebuilt. People believe that Satan or the Devil is evil personified. Evil is a force that persuades us to do the opposite of God's teachings. I think evil is God's test to see whether we are true Christians or not. Some people might say that evil is just a weakness within human beings. It is the ability of free will, which allows us to choose which path we choose. If we did not have free will, we would be robots. In Mere Christianity book two parts two, C.S Lewis says, "This universe is at war. But Christianity does not think it is a war between independent powers but a civil war, a rebellion, and that we are living in a part of the universe occupied by the enemy." One might rephrase C.S Lewis's words and say "Enemy occupied territory", after all is that no what the world is. Some people say that Christianity is the story of how "the rightful king Jesus had descended upon the Earth in disguise and had called us to take part in a great campaign of sabotage." ...read more.


"Then the devil who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur." This was the end of Satan. His rule was now over. Now God and man co-exist happily together. There is no suffering pain of despair. All is well in god's Promised Land. This is the paradise that God spoke of. "Finally build up your strength in union with the Lord." (Ephesians 6:11-13) This quote is telling us to work with God and to destroy all the evil on this planet. This means that people that are willing to open their hearts to God and help him to destroy the devil; are part of a bigger picture. A picture in which God and the Devil are having a continuous battle; but both sides can have followers, this is what makes a man chose a good or dark side to the life ahead of them. My final quote is from the Lord's Prayer. "Deliver us from evil" This is a quote is from a prayer people recite in the morning because it is asking God to protect them and save them from any evil. We must first help ourselves if we want God to help us, we must wear God's "armour" of protection and try to beat our fears first before asking for God's help. ...read more.

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