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Describe what followers of the religion which you are studying believe about evil

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Describe what followers of the religion which you are studying believe about evil The existence of evil and suffering throughout the world has always been a difficult subject for many Christians explain. It seems to question many things the bible teaches about a benevolent and omnipotent God, and this creates disagreements as to why evil still continues to plague the earth. Most people, including Christians, see evil as either moral, where people are deliberately cruel and uncaring, or as Natural evil, caused by natural disasters. Although many see these as reasons to lose faith in God, Christians use this evil to bring about a new way of thinking and understanding God. These views will differ depending on a particular person's beliefs. Many Christians see the term evil as a term linked with suffering. Most Christians believe in the ideas of Theodicy to understand the existence of evil. A true follower of Theodicy therefore obeys three rules: -Evil does not deny the existence of God -It does not qualify the nature of God. -It does not advocate giving up faith. The great Theodicies of Augustine and Iraneaus depend on the principle of free will, and so Christians who follow their teachings will believe that free-will is the cause of the existence of evil and suffering. ...read more.


In the book of Job, the devil causes much suffering, to turn him against God, but Job doesn't give up faith. Jesus is also shown in the Bible to be tempted by the devil: "And he said to him, I will give you all their authority and splendour.......so if you worship me, it will be all yours. Jesus answered, It is written; worship the lord your God and serve him only." (Luke 4:8) Here, however, Jesus is determined stand by his faith, and many Christians would use this to prove that no matter how strong the devil's forces, they can always be overcome. Christians who interpret this story as factual would therefore believe in the Devils attempts to promote evil in the world. Traditionally, the devil is portrayed as red, with horns and a forked tail. Christians who accept the stories about the Devil may believe that whenever suffering occurs, or people choose to do wrong, it is because of the power of the devil, causing tragedy and encouraging others to commit evil sins. These Christians believe that when people are tempted by the devil, they are not in their right mind when they commit such wrongs. Most conservative Christian churches teach the beliefs that originated in the 1st century CE- that Satan is powerfully evil, and a fallen angel who is dedicated to the destruction of everyone's lives. ...read more.


Christians may also say that although God is allowing the force of evil to exist, he wants people to act according to the rules he sets us. They would believe that everything comes down to the day God judges them, and so whatever evil there is, they should continue to live the way God wants them to live. Other Christians may accept that we will never fully understand why God is allowing such terrible things to happen. They say evil and suffering are a mystery; that perhaps the existence of these is something only God can understand, and maybe we will finally understand on our own walk with God. Although Christian views on evil do depend largely on the personal beliefs of individuals, all Christians unite in believing that no matter what happens, God does care about people during evil and suffering. Jesus, the Son of God, suffered on the cross, and bore the depths of all evil. Therefore, Christians understand that God knows what suffering is like and shares our pain. All Christians suffer as a result of evil, and as a result of this, they feel closer to God and recognise such dependence on him: "Even if I go through the darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me" psalm 23.4 Christians who accept the bible's teachings understand that by sharing his universe's suffering, God made redemption possible and made it possible for all of the wrongs of the world to eventually be made right. ...read more.

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