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Describing the Features of the Church of The Blessed Sacrament

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Describing the Features of the Church of The Blessed Sacrament Description of the outside of the church The church consists of a tower and a longer shorter building joined together. The church is made mainly of red brick. The corners and windows of the church are decorated with white stone. Also along the top and bottom of the church is a white stone decoration. There are two main entrances to the church. One is under a Greek style pillared entrance with a triangular top. The other is in the side of the tower. Both entrances have two doors and are about eleven foot high by six foot wide when opened out. At the end of the shorter building furthest from the tower is a semi-circular protrusion with a domed roof, under this structure is the Sanctuary area of the church. Either side of the Greek style entrance are two sections that stick out from the wall a few feet. On top of these are two white stone statues. On the middle of the shorter part of the church above the Greek style entrance is a picture of a monstrance. General Description of the inside of the church The church of the Blessed Sacrament is about One hundred foot long and fifty foot wide. The walls are painted white. About twelve foot in from either edge of the two lengths of the church there is a row of stone pillars that each supports an arch. Above these arches the wall extends upwards to from a higher part of ceiling than under the pillars. The floor is made of wood. ...read more.


Jesus is wearing only a loincloth in the statue and has a brown beard and long brown hair to his shoulders. He is white. The statue shows Jesus bleeding from both knees, where the three nails hold him in place, from a wound in his side and from the crown of thorns upon his head. Jesus has his eyes closed head turned to one side and looks ready to die. Above his head a small sign showing the letters I N R I is nailed. The letters are spaced with the I N above the R I in two rows. I N R I stands for Jesus of Nazareth king of the Jews in ancient Hebrew. Font The font is about four foot tall, including the polished stone base it stands upon. It consists of a large stone bowl held up by four pillars. The bowl part is made of a polished red coloured type of stone, so is the small circular base that stands upon and so are the flared top and bottom parts of the four supporting pillars. The central sections of the four pillars are made of a black polished stone. The flared tops of the pillars are decorated with rich mouldings. Sealing off the top of the font is circular metal disc, this is held in place by a brass locking system. Stoups These are small semi-circular recesses in the wall either side of all the doors at around waist height. Within the recess is a glass tray about an inch deep. ...read more.


St Joseph has fairly long curly hair, a beard and a moustache. He is wearing a long robe that stretches down to the floor and over his bare feet. The top of the robe has a V-neck, which reveals another garment underneath. He is holding a thick book in both hands at his waist level. The book is open about halfway through. From the left side of his belt hangs a large key. Mary Mother of Jesus This five foot tall plain white stone statue of Mary is positioned in a recess near the front of the church. The recess' walls are made from a magnificent red stone. The statue stands upon a one-foot high pillar and has two plants either side. Directly above the five foot statue is a beautiful circular stained glass window. The statue shows Mary wearing long robes that cover her feet. The statue's face shows young and beautiful woman with long flowing hair. Her expression is a contented and happy one. Upon her head she is wearing a crown. The crown is bigger at its top and tapers in slightly to her head. Around her neck is a necklace, which has a large gem upon it. In her left hand she is holding a two-foot long sceptre. The sceptre has a handle then a long smooth section and at its end it widens into an egg shape. In her right hand she is holding the baby Jesus. The baby Jesus is wearing a long baby's overall that covers all except his head and hands. Jesus is looking ahead and pointing there with two of the fingers on his right hand. Graham Higgins 1/7 ...read more.

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