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Describing the staue of Christ mourning in Oklahoma

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R.E Assessment Draft In 1995 a terrorist plot targeted the federal building in Oklahoma. The attack took many lives. However the community has rebounded from this horrific terror to form a memorial park in memory of the lost ones. Also a nearby church has created a statue showing Jesus Christ weeping. Jesus has his face in his hands whilst weeping and turning away from the remains of the building. The memorial is important because it shows that what the terrorists have done makes Jesus weep as he may feel sad, angry and ashamed at what has become of his father?s creation. ...read more.


This links with the story of Jesus and Lazarus because the statue represents the emotions that were similar in the two scenarios. When Lazarus died Jesus would have felt devastated, upset and melancholy which is what he would have felt in Oklahoma. Furthermore his actions were the same by weeping and he showed regret at both places. The statue symbolises a range of various emotions which I will list now: empathy, sadness, shock, disbelief, humanity, compassion and regret. I believe that Jesus has his face in his hands because he is very sad and also symbolises that he has feelings and he is humane. ...read more.


I think that people should respond to the statue positively and take it as a sign of good will and comfort although this may not be the case depending on backgrounds and society. For example terrorists may think that the statue is stopping the mourning which is probably the opposite of what the terrorists want. Moreover close relatives and friends of the lost ones may also question why Jesus did not save them or resurrect the dead therefore making them angry. This also links with the story because if this happened then Jesus would feel doubted and frustrated at the people and also it contrasts as he resurrected Lazarus whereas he didn?t resurrect these people. However the majority will respond as they should because it shows that Jesus does care and has empathy. ...read more.

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