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"Design and the working out of an underlying purpose is evident in the world. The only reasonable explanation for this is that there is a designer and that designer is god" Discuss

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"Design and the working out of an underlying purpose is evident in the world. The only reasonable explanation for this is that there is a designer and that designer is god" a) Look at the first sentence - what is the evidence on which this claim is based The Design argument is also known as the teleological argument. Telos is a Greek word meaning 'end' or 'purpose'. The teleological argument is an extension if the cosmological argument, it is Aquinas' 5th way. The design argument is based on the idea not that the universe exists, but that it exists in a particular way. It says that the universe shows order and design. The design argument is an a posteriori argument and does not claim that its conclusions are logically true. It is based on observation of the apparent order in the universe and the natural world, to conclude that it is not the result of chance, but of design. The first person to suggest that there was a designer of the world was Anaxagorus, and Plato argues it in more detail. The design argument was a popular belief in the 18th centaury; it was at this time that one of the most famous examples was written by William Paley, in his natural theology. ...read more.


books, music, art. But this appreciation is not necessary to for survival, or for the evolution of human life, this must therefore be natural creation, as it cannot be the result of natural selection. Richard Swinburne also agreed that there must be a creator of the world. He also accepted the anthropic principle and that the universe is law-governed. He said that the universe could just as easily have been chaotic. Because of this he said this was proof of design and not chance. Swinburne said that a purposeful designer cannot be proved to exist, but is a more plausible and satisfactory explanation of the evidence we have than any other. Another argument for the design argument is that design is evident everywhere we look. One example is the human eyeball. The human eyeball is a complex structure made of lots of different cells, nerves, and other things, all which connect together so people can see. It is very unlikely that the eyeball could have been created by coincidence, therefore at some point there must have been a designer. Even Kant who is a critic of the teleological argument said, "design is evident even to a fool" b) ...read more.


Paley said that god must have created the world, but Paley was a Christian. Hume criticised Paley's watch analogy. If a mind created the world, who created the mind? Why do we all stop at god and not think that he needs a creator. Although Hume criticised the teleological argument he also acknowledged that ' a purpose, an intention, a design, strikes the most careless, the most stupid thinker' In conclusion, the success of the Design Argument rests upon probability and individual judgment. The Design Argument, as illustrated by the various criticisms of it, is by no means conclusive, if it was then everyone would know that God exists. If you believe that the universe is a product of blind chance then the design argument will not be strong enough to change your beliefs. I.e. it won't convince an atheist. However, the idea of the universe just being here, a brute fact, a product of blind chance and nothing more is a personally unsatisfactory one due to the extraordinary nature of the universe and so whist the Design Argument may not conclusively prove the existence of God it suggests that the existence of a Designer, who we know as God, is a more probable likelihood than not. - 1 - ...read more.

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