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'Design in the universe is evidence that God exists'.

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'Design in the universe is evidence that God exists' The design argument is one of the "proofs" for the existence of God. William Paley produced the most famous publication of this theory. It states that: No complex mechanism can be created by chance, so it must be designed. As the universe is the most complicated mechanism ever produced, it too must have been designed. For something to be designed, there must be a designer, and the only thing great enough to design the universe is God, therefore God exists. In this essay, I aim to evaluate all the evidence for and against this theory. There are 3 things that have to be exactly right in order for life to exist in a universe. One of these is the Violence of the Big Bang, any more violent and you would get a big collision of galaxies, and slightly less and the stars would move too fast and would not 'bond together'. ...read more.


There is also a new Inflation theory written by an American scientist. This theory proves that the Big Bang (the process in which all the galaxies where created) could not have happened any other way apart from the way that it did happen. This shows that God may not have designed the universe, as there was nothing to design, as the creation could not have happened any other way. However, this theory is still very new and hasn't yet been accepted by the science world. Many atheist's would argue that if everything complex has to have a designer, then who designed God? He must be very complex to have created everything and everyone. Christians retaliate with the fact that the bible comments on God being 'eternal' - everlasting, therefore no-one created him he has always been around. Even if Paley's Design Argument points to a Designer God, who's to say he's a loving kind guy? ...read more.


I believe in science however, and I think that science provides several answers to these questions, most of which have a sound basis in scientific fact. Science have been trying to wrap up this argument for years, but religion has always found a way of cancelling out any ideas that scientists may have that solve the problems. However, in some aspects the bible and science facilitate each other e.g Science has proved that there was a Big Flash preceding the Big Bang, and the opening lines of the bible are 'In the beginning, there was light'. I think that the design argument is very useful in our understanding of the way God works and it has influenced people into changing their lives e.g. A Czech scientist, Johannes Grobel, was converted from a devout Satanist to a devoted Christian whilst he was working on proving the design argument in the name of science. I also believe that without the design argument, people would know less in general about the way our universe works. CHRIS NASH ...read more.

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