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Designer Babies

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Designer Babies Genetic engineering is when gene structures are changed using scientific skills. This can also be used to cure some illnesses that are genetic, for example cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and sickle-cell anaemia, which affect a large number of people. Genetic engineering may be able to prevent or cure these conditions . Although many people may think that this is a good idea, some religious people may disagree as it could be considered as 'playing God'. Genetic engineering can alter human characteristics, such as making babies healthier and stronger than they would be if they were conceived naturally. This can be seen as unfair to other children who have not been genetically modified and could give them an unfair advantage. Even though the embryos have been genetically modified, they still belong to the parents, they have just taken the best qualities from them both. ...read more.


Genetic engineering can be used for good causes, for example curing diseases and making sure that the baby will not be terminally ill, and this goes with their religion, as god was a healer. Some Christians believe that to help god we should make the world a better place, but would making everybody perfect make the world a better place? The Muslim religion says that god has made the genetic makeup of every person and only god can change it. This again is talking about playing god and placing power in the hands of the doctor. For Muslims, acting god is called "the sin of shirk" and is unforgivable, embryo research is the same as abortion in Muslim terms as they think that life beins at fertilization meaning the embryo is now a living human being. ...read more.


I agree that it is good to use it to treat illnesses though. I believe that changing the way a person looks is not natural, although I think preventing illnesses is a good idea. There is a change that the use of this thechnology could backfire and as a result of that we could be left with mutations and frakenstien like babies also what say has the child got in this? What if they are not happy with the way they look and would rather have been created naturally if a miscarriage were to occure, would that not be a waste of time and money? The idea of creating children that are born smart is artificial intelligence in a way and if everyone was so clever then who would be left to do the jobs, with low payment and don't require high qualifications. ...read more.

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