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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? Andrew Scuoler The end of Mark's Gospel comes to an abrupt end. It says that Jesus' body was moved from the tomb, but we do not know how or who by. Many say Jesus came back to life and left on his own accord while others say his body was moved by the Jews or Romans. There are also other explanations including that Jesus was never crucified at all. For Christians, the resurrection is very important as it confirms, for them at least, that all Jesus said was true and he was in actual fact the Messiah. This essay will decide whether Jesus rose from the dead or if for the past 2000 years the Christian Community has been based on something that never actually happened. Some say that Jesus survived his crucifixion and pretended to rise from the dead. However, most people dismiss this because the Roman soldiers would have known whether he was dead or not. ...read more.


However, it is unlikely that the Jewish authorities moved the body as they would have found it disgusting to touch a dead body and it would violate the laws of the Torah. Some would say that this means the disciples would not have moved the body either as they were Jewish themselves, but some believe that they would no longer have believed in the Laws of the Torah because Jesus' teachings and wouldn't have a problem with touching a dead body. In addition, some would say they would have gone to any lengths to ensure that Christianity survived. Despite this, I think it is safe to say the Disciples did not take the body of Jesus. They disciples believed Jesus would rise again with everyone else; therefore they didn't think Jesus need to fake his resurrection. Also, in Mark 9:9-10, Jesus predicted his resurrection they did not know what he was talking about. ...read more.


Furthermore, some of the disciples were killed for being Christians; it is very unlikely that they would have been willing to die for something that never happened. It is very hard to decide as to what happened to Jesus after he was crucified. A quote from the Greek philosopher helps with this decision, "A plausible impossibility is preferable to an unconvincing possibility." We must look for the most likely option, and in my opinion this comes down to the Romans stealing the body or that Jesus did actually rise from the dead. I feel inclined to say that the Romans took the body as it seems like a more logical explanation than any of the others. On the other hand, people who are not religious cannot deny the existence of 'otherworldly' powers and we must take into consideration that there are things that exist that we have not seen. Therefore, even though I am not entirely happy with this decision, I have come to the conclusion that Jesus must have risen from the dead. ...read more.

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