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Different Places of Worship

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GCSE RE Coursework Assignment Two Different Places of Worship Compare and contrast two places of worship from different Christian traditions. Explain how the internal features relate to the beliefs and practices of that tradition. In this essay, I shall investigate a Roman Catholic and a Methodist Church. By "internal features" the question means the objects contained inside the Churches. I intend to contrast the beliefs and traditions associated with some of these items. A Methodist Church is designed to allow Methodists to worship in a way that is in line with their beliefs. The church I am looking at, Central Methodist Church in Preston, is a good example of a typical Methodist Church. It has some of the main features of a non-liturgical church. For the Methodists, the Pulpit is the main feature of the Church's interior. Preaching is a very substantial part of the service for the Methodists. By listening to the sermon from the Pulpit, Methodists believe that their faith is deepened and they grow in their relationship with Jesus. ...read more.


Blood on the Altar, however, is present in the wine and the bread of the Mass. Roman Catholics believe in Transubstantiation, which means that the bread and wine mysteriously turn into the flesh and blood of Christ. This consecrated bread and wine must be treated with the greatest respect and reverence therefore none of it can be discarded or wasted. Any leftover blessed bread and wine will be locked away in a Tabernacle after the service. In contrast to the Roman Catholic Church, the Communion Table is not referred to as an Altar by the Methodists, and it is much less grand. It is usually just a plain table upon which is placed a Bible, a cross, and a font. The Communion Rail surrounds the table. This is where the Methodists kneel to receive the bread and wine from the Minister. This only happens once a month, as opposed to in the Catholic churches, where it takes place every week. Methodists do not believe in Transubstantiation and they think that the bread and wine are merely symbolic rather than actually becoming the body and blood of Jesus. ...read more.


Also in a Roman Catholic Church but not a Methodist, is a Confessional. St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic Church possesses three Confessional rooms. The Catholics see Confession or Repentance as one of the Seven Sacraments. A Sacrament is more than a symbol; it is a special action that Christians believe is a vehicle or channel for God's presence, and by taking part in it they feel closer to him. The Seven Sacraments are: * The Eucharist * Baptism * Confirmation * Marriage * Penance * Ordination * Anointing of the sick In conclusion, I have learnt that there are a few main differences and many subtle ones involving the internal features of different Christian traditions related to their beliefs and practices. Methodist services tend to be Non-liturgical, simple and methodical, lasting around twenty to thirty minutes. In connection with this, their d�cor is simple and plain, and their beliefs are uncomplicated. The do not believe in Transubstantiation. On the other hand, Roman Catholic Churches like St. Wilfrid's are extremely beautiful, decorative and ornate. Their services compliment this, with great detail and emphasis on the Lord's Supper and a strong belief in Transubstantiation and the Sacrament of Confession. Rosie Walker Page 1 RE Coursework Jan 2002 ...read more.

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