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Discipleship And Mark's Gospel.

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Discipleship And Mark's Gospel There are many ways in which the teaching of discipleship from Mark's Gospel might influence the life of a Christian today. If we use it as a guide to the way in which we should live then we will be better disciples and help spread the Word Of God. This teaching of discipleship tells us Christians the way in which Jesus wants us to live our lives. When Jesus calls the disciples, they leave what they are doing and follow him. We should follow the disciple's examples and be prepared to get up and follow Jesus without any hesitation as soon as we are called. ...read more.


In today's modern world it is quite rare that people are challenged and prepared to give up their life for their religion but there are some extraordinary people who do. Sometimes these people aren't only dying for their faith but also to save another person. An example of one of these people is Fr Maximillian Kolbe. Fr Kolbe was in a Concentration Camp called Auschwitz during the Second World War. After some prisoners escaped, the guards tried to scare the remaining prisoners by selecting a few of them to be put to death. A man with a wife and children was selected to be one of them and Fr Kolbe offered to take his place. ...read more.


After Jesus had been arrested, Peter denied Jesus 3 times before the cock crowed twice. Some people might think that because they aren't perfect and they sin, Jesus might not want them to be his disciple. This passage shows how human Jesus' disciples were. Just like us, they got scared. So when we feel like we have failed, we can read this and remember how much Jesus still loves us. Martin Luther King was another person who was willing to spend his life fighting for justice. Martin Luther King was a non-violent protestor against racism in the world. He made a very famous speech called "I Have A Dream," where preached about the injustice in the world and the "beautiful symphony of brotherhood," that will be if racism is stopped. In Martin Luther King's speech, he shows a deeply religious side. ...read more.

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