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Discipleship for Christians Today

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Discipleship for Christians Today. Victoria Barry 11g Christians today believe that the gospel is inspired by the word of God. The gospel today is as relevant as it was two thousand years ago, therefore it has authority. Today we still need and have the same qualities as the early disciples did. We still are committed to our faith, love and respect other, do good for others, have responsibility etcetera. Jesus is a role model to us today as he was to many two thousand years ago. Though most of us try hard to be a true disciples and follower of God, it is very difficult because of the many challenges facing us. ...read more.


For example Mother Teresa. She voluntarily chose to go to Calcutta and work there with the needy. In mark's gospel we are told to love one another as I have loved you and this is what she is doing. She gave the people love, care and compassion. She did what Jesus taught which was giving her possessions to others jus like the rich young man was told. For her work on earth she was rewarded with things such as money and prizes but these don't compare to the rewards she will receive in heaven. She'll be rewarded with eternal life, the greatest gift of all. ...read more.


For example, Christmas. During this time we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We receive gifts likes Jesus went to the desert for forty days and nights. Jesus made a sacrifice during this time and so do we during the time of Lent, before Easter. We celebrate the last days of Jesus and the resurrection. Now in the twenty first century we are challenged with moral dilemmas such as Euthanasia and Abortion. In the Gospel Jesus never takes a persons life but heals. This is how we should act today because everyone has the right to live. For us to follow the teachings in our lives we can give to the poor through charities. (Just like the rich young man was told to do by Jesus). We should love others and show no hatred. We can do all these by following the Ten Commandments. ...read more.

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