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Discipleship Today

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Discipleship Today For over 2,000 years, ever since Jesus chose the twelve to go with him, there have been people willing to go through the same suffering and persecution as they did. Today there is a lot of discussion about whether discipleship is possible in the modern world. I intend to fully explain both sides of the argument (possible/not possible) and try to give each side a fair hearing. To conclude this essay I will give a full account of my own opinion on this matter. The people who agree with the point of view that it is not possible claim that it is a materialistic world - people are concerned with individuality and not about other people. A further point they argue is that people don't concern themselves with religion and religious aspects of life, they are generally secular and claim it is far easier to look out for yourself than for others. People aren't as friendly as they used to be in Jesus' time because if you do something for a person they believe that you are only doing it to get something in return e.g. ...read more.


Furthermore they claim that it is hard for people to believe in something which they cannot see in this world, where everything remotely weird is questioned scientifically until proven otherwise. They believe that we cannot possibly do what Mother Teresa did which was to leave all behind to help the poor - we have family & friends who need us and we need them! The main argument that discipleship is possible in the 21st century is that it is a tradition in most large catholic families to have at least one son become a priest to help the needy, the sick and outcasts. The disciples of Jesus had to leave everything, just as Peter said to Jesus in Mk10: 28 "We have left everything to follow you, our homes, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers." Today this is still the case following the tradition of Jesus and his disciples. Furthermore they understand that the missionaries, nuns and priests who do this, don't live as hard a life as the apostles but are still disciples as they are making a great sacrifice to live as Jesus asked them to. ...read more.


Nowadays priests have most of the modern comforts such as cars, television, books, more than one set of clothes and more than one pair of shoes. The things Jesus asked the disciples to do are just not practical in the modern world and it is understandable why our call of discipleship today is not like the call of the twelve. The thing is that we are all given the call and it is up to you whether you choose to accept it or not - but you must first understand the hardship and sacrifices you must endure as a follower of Jesus today! I feel that in order for discipleship to continue into the 21st century, further changes must take place in the perception of what it means to be a follower of Christ, Priests must be allowed to marry and women should be allowed to become priests. Jesus called his twelve in keeping with the values and ideas of the 1st century. If Jesus arrived to call his twelve today there would be married men and women among his apostles. By Charles O'Loan . S1F. ...read more.

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