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Discursive Essay On Abortion

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Discursive Essay On Abortion In my eyes too many women have abortions for reasons which I believe are not just enough for the killing of a human being. The foetus may not have knowledge of its existence but its still another human. Abortion has been a very controversial issue for hundreds of years and probably for many years to come. As more and more people discuss it, new aspects are added to the argument and this could be the reason why laws vary from country to country and have changed so many times. Abortion in England and Wales was first made illegal in the 19th century. Before then abortions were only carried out provided that the mother had not yet felt the foetus move within her. At this time, if the law was broken there were no fixed penalties and the mother having the abortion was not necessarily held responsible. It was in 1803 when the law changed and abortion became a criminal offence from the time of conception. ...read more.


For example, everyone has freedom of speech but you can't go round saying what you want as it may offend others. Also, the mother is not the only one affected by an abortion, family members and the father in particular are greatly affected. It is has been said that the woman is the only person who should decide whether she should continue her pregnancy or not and that the mother's partner has no right to prevent her from having an abortion. In that respect it can also be said that the woman then has no right to call on her partner for support and that both parents have the mutual right to abandon their responsibilities. It has been said that a foetus is not a human being and that it is merely part of the woman. Whereas, medical science has proved that the foetus is biologically separate from its mother. From the moment the embryo is formed an individual being comes into existence, genetically different from its parents and any other being for that matter. ...read more.


Parents must take more responsibility as many times the situation has only arisen due to the parents' carelessness whilst having sexual intercourse. In my opinion, if a mother does not feel she is ready to bring up a child, the best option is to give the child up for adoption, as there are thousands of people who are desperate to foster or adopt children. But as I've stated earlier I do believe that there are circumstances and situations in which abortions are the best option. For example, if the continuation of a pregnancy will cause a high risk of severe injury to the mother or even death. I also believe that it is right to terminate the life of one or more foetuses involved in a multiple pregnancy to preserve the life of other foetuses. Finally, I think that although doctors should consult other doctors, they should not be prosecuted for carrying out an abortion in extreme circumstances. For example, in 1938, Dr Alexander Bourne performed an abortion on a 14-year-old girl after a gang of soldiers raped her. Dr Bourne informed the police and was prosecuted. My main feeling about abortion is that it denies the most fundamental human right, the right to live. ...read more.

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