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Discursive Play script

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Discursive Play script Catherine Nighting: Presenter of the programme. Geraldine Wright: American police officer who thinks capital punishment is wrong. David Allder: Leader of Justice for All. Morgan Jones: Former inmate on death row who was wrongly convicted and later released after waiting 4 years to be executed. Catherine Nighting: Hello, and welcome to debate. Today we are going to consider whether capital punishment still has a place in society or not. To help us discuss this controversial issue I have three guests on my programme, who are: Geraldine Wright, an American police officer fighting against capital punishment, David Allder, the leader of Justice for All, who are all in favour of capital punishment, and finally Morgan Jones; a former inmate on death row, who was wrongly convicted and later released after waiting 4 years to be executed. Perhaps I can begin by asking Geraldine a question. Why are you, as an American police officer against capital punishment? Geraldine Wright: Well, I have seen for myself the faces of the convicted minutes before they are put to death, and for some of them they are being wrongly put to death. We just simply can't condone this behaviour any more. Catherine Nighting: That's an interesting point, so, David as leader of 'Justice for All,' what would you say to Geraldine's accusations that capital punishment is morally wrong? ...read more.


How can we live in a World which still uses capital punishment in many countries, not just America, to kill people who have suffered from being abused during their childhood? David Allder: 24 people do not represent everybody. I do accept that people such as the ones in the survey do need help and not killing, but the majority of inmates on death row are sane, and have murdered someone. So they must be punished for their actions. Catherine Nighting: Nobody's claiming they don't need to be punished, but do they need killing? David Allder: Yes. Once a convicted murderer is executed, there is no chance that he will break out of jail and kill or injure someone again. Morgan Jones: If the security in prisons was better, they wouldn't be able to break out. David Allder: The security is good enough in most cases. All I'm saying is that the risk of a convicted murderer killing again is eliminated by capital punishment. Catherine Nighting: Geraldine, is the length of stay on death row fair? Geraldine Wright: No it's not, not at all. If there were ever any validity to the deterrence argument, it is negated by the endless appeals, delays, technicalities and retrials that keep persons condemned to death waiting for execution for years on end. One of the strongest arguments right now against capital punishment is that we are too incompetent to carry it out. ...read more.


During my 4 years on death row, the number of inmates increased, as well as this there other indications that show capital punishment actually increases the murder rate, which has been proven in America. So no David it does not deter criminals from killing, and this is why capital punishment does not have any place in today's society. Catherine Nighting: Thanks Morgan, okay final thought from Geraldine, why doesn't capital punishment have a place in today's society? Geraldine Wright: Because there is the risk of executing the innocent, murder is unacceptable so the state shouldn't do it; it lowers the value of human life, and does not deter criminals. Also, it is unfair and the length of stay on death row is unfair. Catherine Nighting: And David, why does capital punishment still have a place in society? David Allder: Because the streets are a lot safer, I believe it does deter criminals, and if someone does murder, they should be taken as well. Catherine Nighting: Okay, that's just about it for today, folks. I would like to thank my three guests, David Allder, Geraldine Wright and Morgan Jones for taking part in this controversial discussion. You've heard the pros and cons of capital punishment and whether it still has a place in society. But at the end of it all, the decision of whether capital punishment is a good or bad thing is yours but I hope we've educated you on the subject. So, until next time on' Debate,' Goodbye. ...read more.

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