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Discuss: "Money is the root of all evil".

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English Language AS level Discursive Essay Discuss: "Money is the root of all evil" In this day and age, it is almost impossible to live without money. Money is the key to getting most of what we need and want. Evil is an impious act, which takes over individuals or societies and makes them do wrongdoings to each other. This brings us to our topic of discussion: "Money is the root of all evil". There are two different attitudes to this topic. A group believes that money is not the root to all evil. In the world we currently live in, one needs money in order to survive and be happy. ...read more.


On the contrary, a group believes that money is the root of all evil. It is factual that money gives people power to succeed and to get what they want. However, sometimes excess power is used erroneously, which in the long term, creates evil. Evidence of this is the war that took place between Iraq and America in year 2003. It was America who declared war against Iraq. That war was ridiculous, as, until now, it has not yet been proven that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction! America had, and still has, a lot of money, and therefore, a lot of power. This has driven America to creating war and conflicts with other countries, which is a sign of evil. ...read more.


This leads to more crime taking place in a society. In dual societies, the rich dominate almost everything which escorts the less fortunate individuals into doing evil actions. After careful scrutiny, I conclude that money is not the root of all evil. It can cause malevolence, but it is not necessarily the only root to it. Money can be good, when used appropriately, because it plays such a big part in our lives, yet it can be awful. Just as many other things, money has its advantages and drawbacks. We need to make use of its advantages and try to avoid the bad side of it. I think that the main source of evil is people themselves. They need to know that there's a limit to everything, in order to live in harmony. 637 words ...read more.

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