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Discuss the main arguments for the existence of god

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Discuss the main arguments for the existence of god In today's society we are constantly searching for truths. This seems to have been the way for many years, but at the fast rate science and technology are advancing humans are demanding proof for the existence of God. It is a subject that that has been the center of debate for many years and will be for years to come. The simple reason that in this age now, it is difficult to find deductive proof for the existence of god. We can never be sure that there is no God but, at the same time we can never be sure that there is a God; it would seem that this is what keeps the very existence of God alive regardless of belief and faith. This leads me onto the ontological argument which favors the existence of God, concerned with being. It argues that the very concept of God implies his existence. St. Anslem an 11th Century Archbishop of Canterbury's view is that if an individual gives total devotion and faith to the object of god then its non-existence is unthinkable, God is a being of which nothing greater can be conceived . ...read more.


Aquinas believed that something had to be there to start the process and that something is God. A criticism of this was by Isaac Newton, where it was said that "everything can be in a state of rest or will move in a straight line unless changed by other forces. But that movement may be a property within the thing or being". Another view was that there has to be something that causes others to change or exist, as they cannot cause themselves. But David Hume criticizes this by saying, that it is in the mind that we try to find an ultimate cause and not merely just the case that something can rely on as a first cause. According to Hume, "no valid argument can establish the existence of a supreme being, or of anything else". Aquinas goes on to say that everything at one point in time did not exist and so there was a time when nothing existed, nothing could not cause change so this is impossible and something must exist that does not depend on another thing and that something is God. Another cosmological view is the "degrees of perfection" the cause of everything is something that is perfect and must bring things into being, and finally Aquinas' ...read more.


People look to God for hope and want some meaning in life. There is no real way of knowing if followers of God are certain or just confused, the only thing that keeps them in the belief that God does exist is, their undeniable faith in what they believe in. This is what keeps their God in existence. Technology and science can prove or disprove many phenomena's, and make amazing revelations about the universe in which we live. However the existence of God is one thing that cannot be totally explained. After looking at the different arguments that surround the existence of god it seems quite clear that there is no solid proof and although the arguments are pretty impressive they still do not persuade me one way or the other. I believe it is something we are never meant to know, if we were then the great thinkers of our time would have found the answer. If we were to know our own existence and destiny then we wouldn't have anything to strive for as we would already know what the end holds for us. Personally I think belief in God is good if it can make ones life more fulfilling. I believe the world would be a strange place if there wasn't a universal being to believe in. 1 ...read more.

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