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Discuss the meaning of healing miracles with reference to present day belief in Christian life

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b) Discuss the meaning of healing miracles with reference to present day belief in Christian life Christians can take many views of miracles in the bible. Fundamentalist Christians would believe that the miracles of the bible happened exactly as they were recorded. Conservative Christians would believe that the miracles of Jesus were true but the writer changed some of the details in order to create a stronger message. Liberal Christians would not believe that the miracles happened at all but they would see that the message that they put across was very important. Christians still study the bible in study groups and in church so they understand what God is trying to teach them about God and themselves. This means that the miracles are still studied and understood by Christians today. Some churches run healing services and some people even get healed there. Some people consider these healings as miracles whilst others believe the people were just fortunate. In the Centurion's Servant miracle (Luke 7:1-10) Jesus healed a Gentile's servant from a distance without even touching him. This shows that Jesus didn't favour one person over another and that he was universal because he healed a gentile. ...read more.


David's in Wales and Canterbury. People see pilgrimages as cures for the sick and of all your sins. People go on pilgrimages to seek inspiration and to show that they are willing to dedicate themselves to God and to show that they love him. Some Christians go to Lourdes because it is considered to be the most important centre for international pilgrimage. It was here that a girl called Bernadette had a series of eighteen visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus in 1858. A lot of people who go to Lourdes are severely handicapped or seriously ill. This is because numerous people have been healed here in the past. In Lourdes you can for example attend a mass in the Chapel of St. Cosmas and St. Damian, get an introduction to Lourdes and the Message of Lourdes. Although most people spend their time praying, singing hymns, lighting candles for the sick, visiting special sites and taking part in bible readings. In the woman with the haemorrhage miracle (Luke 8:43-48) Jesus heals a woman who would have been seen as an outcast at that time when she comes and seeks Jesus' help because no one else can cure her of her bleeding. ...read more.


Christians can also join an organisation like the Samaritans which helps people in need. Its aims are to provide confidential non-judgemental emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which might lead to suicide. Organisations like these can help Christians become closer to God by following His teachings and being more like him. People within The Roman Catholic Church believe that if you perform a miracle after your death then you can become a saint. If it can be confirmed that a miracle has happened because a sick person prayed to the saint, then they can get canonised. The proof in the occurrence of the miracle is very important. People could just fake getting healed because they think that person should get canonised. If a saint is canonised several things would happen. For example, the saint would be invoked in public prayer, churches may be dedicated in the saint's memory, feast days may be celebrated in the saint's memory and the saint's relics might be enclosed in vessels and publicly honoured. In summary, some people still believe that healing miracles actually happened whereas others think that the people who got healed were just lucky. Christians today think about the healing miracles that Jesus performed and believe they still mean something and that the messages and teachings behind the miracles should still be followed. ...read more.

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