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Discuss the meaning of healing miracles with references to present day belief and life.

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B) Discuss the meaning of healing miracles with references to present day belief and life. Many Christians believe in healing miracles today because they have a strong faith in god, and they still believe that god works his healing miracles through the Holy Spirit and people with a strong faith towards him. Here is my definition of a healing miracle, I think that it means that when someone is healed it is a miracle; such as if a handicapped child suddenly starts walking, that is a healing miracle. Christians also believe that if they pray when someone is ill, God will heal them in time because they have hope and faith towards him. In the bible it was considered that when someone became ill it was because they had sinned. One of the sacraments of the Roman Catholic church gives strength and hope to those who are weak and in need of help, this sacrament is called the sacrament of the sick. In Spain my grandfather had lung cancer from the cigars he used to smoke, there was no cure and I used to hate talking to him on the phone as it made me really upset because I knew he was soon going to die. My mother is a roman catholic and she believes in god, she prays to him everyday and she used to ask him to give strength to my grandfather, I used to do the same and sometimes I used to cry as well. ...read more.


You can hear him cutting the skin and then pulling something out but after the patient said that she did feel the cutting, and something pulled out but it did not hurt, it just felt a little uncomfortable. I do not know if I believe in this, it is a little strange that he can do an operation without anaesthetics; maybe he paid that woman to act and lye for this programme in the video, so that he gains more customers and wins more money. There was another man who used a pendulum to see how much energy grass has, and he also made medicine with his pendulum. I think he doesn't know what he is talking about but I believe the pendulum is real as they sell pendulums at some shops and I believe they work in many ways. He may not know how to use the pendulum but many people know how to use them. Some people will just try all they can to get better if they have a deadly disease, I do not blame them because I would do the same and also many other people except Christians as they would believe that God has chosen that it is their time to go to heaven with him. They would pray so that they could die without too much pain and to give them strength. WEST WALES DOWSERS SOCIETY CYMDEITHAS DAROGANWYR GORLLEWIN CYMRU What is dowsing? ...read more.


After investigating the case at length, the Vatican declared the cure to be authentic and "extraordinary" - evidence enough to put Padre Pio on the path to sainthood. This is extra ordinary, an actual stigma. It is a miracle how the marks disappeared three days before he died; maybe it was a sign of God. People believe in God so miracles occur because of their faith. Places like Lourdes also help people with their faith, as it is the place of God, the home of God and for prayer. That is why people go there, because they have faith that maybe one day God will heal them, maybe in time. Also the Sacrament of the Sick and the Dying help the people as faith is needed to guide him or her, to have strength and courage, this is why God pardons his children, so that they are pure from sins. People like the psychic surgeon might be faking that they can heal but someone should not have doubts of something until they have proof, sometimes faith is strong enough to make you believe, such as people believe in the miracles that Jesus made, even with out proof, as they have faith in God and they know that they do not need proof to believe. Miracles can still occur today, even if people do not believe, maybe someday they will believe because a miracle might occur to them. The story of Padre Pio is real as they have evidence; it is a miracle of today. ...read more.

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