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Discuss the representation of men and women in one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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Discuss the representation of men and women in one episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a teen sitcom, which uses misunderstanding and misinterpretation to the comical aspects of the show. The central situation of Fresh Prince Of Bel- Air is Will, the nephew, has moved from living a street life in the city of Philadelphia to living with his rich uncle and aunt, Phil and Vivien, in a rich area. The stylistic conventions that are repeated usually consists of Will getting himself into trouble and involving at least one of his cousins, but Phil and Vivien find out the truth and Will ends up getting into trouble but always manages to put things right by the end of it. In this episode of Fresh Prince Phil is angry because Vivien is spending too much time with their new son so he suggests they go out for a meal one night and leave the baby (Nicky), this then leads to Will looking after the baby and a journalist from the university paper thinking that the baby is his and he is crowned Father of the Year. Both men and women have common characteristics throughout the episode, the main characteristic is the immaturity. Even though you would expect the parents to be mature because they are grown with children of their own they still have the childish side to them. ...read more.


she has been able to see the way that many different people live, like Will was brought up in downtown Philadelphia they have been able to see what the world is like outside the rich life which Will's family are used to living in. The other characters that have similar characteristics are Phil and Carlton. With these two characters they are similar because Carlton acts like his father about a lot of things. He tries to be like him because he thinks that he is a good role model and he has a successful job and is in control of a steady household. But they are also similar in a way because they both want the attention from Vivien and feel as though they are being ignored because of the new baby. The character with obvious differences from the rest of them is Will. He seems to be more understanding about what is happening in the real world because he has the background of living in a working class environment and having moved into the rich upper class household. All the other children don't seem to be as understanding because they have been brought up in a shielded rich society where they are only able to act how their parents want them to. ...read more.


We are always given the message that we should laugh at Carlton because of his stupidity and his foolishness. Also we laugh with Will because he makes all the jokes about the other characters and even though he is being slightly nasty we find it funny because it is the kind of things we would laugh at in every day life. We are also laughing with Geoffrey because he can see how the Bank's family act and he comes out with jokes about the way the family are and they are usually because of how much money they have, yet they all come out with really dense comments. From Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air we are given the impression that men are all in some way childish and we are shown more of Will to be the stereo-typical male, flirting with all the ladies and a bit of a comedian. They are also shown as the stronger sex because they always manage to get their way when it comes to women. On the other had women are shown as being ditsy and only bothered by their looks and other materialistic characteristics. Also they are shown as being easy taken in by a male's charm and if they were to see a man with a baby they would immediately go over and start to talk to them because their maternal instincts take over. ...read more.

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