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Discuss the role of conflict in the play 'A Raisin In the Sun'.

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ENG 111 Professor: Lynne Rosenthal Student: Zvi Joseph Essay # 4 - Discuss the role of conflict in the play In "A Rising in the Sun" (Lorraine Hansberry) we find three main conflicts within the play. These conflicts are interrelated and emerge mainly from one primer issue - Racism. In this essay, I will highlight these three conflicts and explain their connection. First, I will explain the conflict of family. Second, I will explain the conflict of money. Third, I will explain the conflict of racism and how the first two could be seen as a "by-product" of it. Lena (Mama) recalls her late husband words. Family was the most important thing for Lena and him. ...read more.


It starts when everyone await the $10,000 check. The conflict arises instantly since every member of the family believes he or she has the best idea for the usage of it. First, some are not so keen about the money at all. For example, Mama thinks that money can destroy happiness because people tend to fight over it. Second, some believe that the money can make a significant change within their life. For example, Walter Lee wants the money to open a liquor store. He believes that on top of the financial change, he could get his family's esteem which-in his view-is missing. Third, money creates a new kind of racism. For example, it divides two man of a uniform race (George and Walter) ...read more.


Third, racism is not preserved solely to white - black relationship. For example, Asagai represents black person who erased the color line and replaced it with the national one. He gains the Youngers admiration. On the other hand, George Murchison has been treated as "a snobbish white person". As we can see the three conflicts are interrelated and nutritious one another. First, the family as a concept is far from what Mama and husband dreamt about - partly because of racism and financial situation. Second, money appears to have a separating influence on the family rather than unification. Third, racism tends to have a decisive impact on the family (In terms of life, family relationship and financial situation) but on the very same time the family uses it towards another person (George Murchison). Zvi Joseph ...read more.

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