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Discuss whether the concept of family life cycle has relevance today. Justify your reasons.

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1. Discuss whether the concept of family life cycle has relevance today. Justify your reasons. Today we don't see the "Family Life Cycle" the way that people saw it in earlier days because of many different reasons: the family life cycle that they saw was: Beginning Stage - Couples living together until the birth of their first child Expanding Stage - The birth of the first child until the last child leaves home Contracting Stage - Couples living alone. Some of the reasons why, we the society don't see it like this because nowdays the beginning stage, a lot of people do live together in a long term relationship but don't decide to have kids or are unable to have kids. ...read more.


*More people starting families late *Media *Changing social attitudes *People unable to have kids *More gays and lesbians nowadays *Equality in the work force 3. Identify the reasons cited by Perraton et al and explain how each factor has contributed to changes in the Australian family. Divorce: The divorce rate has increased since the mid-1970's. The Australian Family Law Act 1975 permitted either the husband or wife to end the marriage, without allocation of blame. An increase in the rate of divorce has resulted in an increase in the incidence of single-parent families in Australia. The reasons for people divorcing are many and varied, sometimes often 'falling out of love' maybe the prime reason, or 'falling in love' with another person. ...read more.


One of the reasons why people don't have children is because they are more into their careers and work then having a family life this is also due to women entering the workforce. There was a stage in life when women didn't work, which would make it easier for couples to have kids because the mum would stay home and look after the kids while the father would be at work earning money to help his family live. Now that nearly all women work it is harder to have children because of this the social attitude has changed in a big way and it would be harder to look after their children compared to what it was in the earlier days. It is also due to financial problems because of these reasons there wouldn't be a beginning stage for couples. ...read more.

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