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Discussing the religion Islam, the fundamentals of Islam, and how people follow the teachings in the modern society.

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Islam I have been given the task to discuss a major religion that exists around the world. I will be discussing the religion Islam, the fundamentals of Islam, and how people follow the teachings in the modern society. So Islam is one of the major religions in the world The Arabic word Islam literally means "surrender" or "submission". Defining it easier it means "surrender or submission to God". One who has thus surrendered is a Muslim. In belief, all that is necessary for a person to become a Muslim is to declare sincerely the short statement of faith known as the shahadah: I witness that there is no god but God [Allah] and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was born in Mecca around 570. At age 40 Muhammad felt himself selected by God to be prophet of the one true religion. "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah," became the fundamental statement of Islamic faith. ...read more.


In some ways they resemble humans: they have the same bodily needs; they reproduce their kind; and they die, although they live longer. Jinn are harmful spirits who enjoy punishing humans for wrongs done by them, even unintentionally. In addition some Muslims believe that accidents and diseases are considered to be their work. With the proper knowledge, however humans can control jinn for their own purposes and go to heaven as a result of good things. The calendar for Muslims is based on the moon rather than the sun; a year consisting of 12 months, each counted as the time between the appearance of one new moon and that of the next. The year for Muslims lasts for about 354 days, approximately 11 days less than the solar year used in the common calendar. Since intercalation is forbidden in the law, the Islamic year bears no fixed relationship to the seasons. Relative to the solar year, each day in the Muslim year falls 11 days earlier each year. ...read more.


They believed this because they say that its written in the Qu'ran by god who declares women to cover their faces and bodies by other strangers. However, this belief still continues today in modern societies but is declining very fast as vast majority of women now tend to dress freely. This is because they can rely on their families without having to get told off, as they believe they are still following Islam but at the same time they are walking with the modern world. So overall Muslims is a still growing religion especially is middle east and Asia where they have very strong beliefs about their religion and are prepared to die. Example can include the September 11th attack on America where some Afghanistanian people died for their belief although it was wrong killing so many innocent people. But they didn't like that; they only thought it as fighting for their religion. Although Islam is still increasing some of the duties like Five pillars are not carried out by people meaning that Islam is lacking to encourage the young generation to follow the duties of five pillars. Faisal Fazal- 12le - 1 - ...read more.

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