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Discussion of Abortion.

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Abortion According to the English dictionary abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus. It is the termination of a pregnancy before the foetus is capable of independent life. There are four ways in which abortions can be performed: 1) Dilation and Curettage- the mothers cervix is dilated and the living child is cut to pieces with a curette knife 2) Suction- a hollow tube with a knife edged tip is inserted into the uterus. The suction from the aspirator tears the baby apart and sucks the pieces into a container. The head is crushed. 3) Dilation and Evacuation- the baby is normally crushed so he can fit through the cervix, a pliers like instrument is used to crush the skull, legs and arms. 4) Hysterectomy - somewhat like a caesarean section, the child is removed and left to die in a bucket. In the 1960s the British government noticed that back street abortion were being performed by unqualified people, in unsuitable conditions, these conditions resulted in many deaths, so in 1967 the British government brought out an abortion act, which made abortions legal in England up until the 24th week of pregnancy. In order for an abortion to occur two doctors must agree on the following terms: 1) ...read more.


This commandment tells everyone to love everybody equally as much as you love yourself. In other words you shouldn't hurt, kill or even disrespect anyone and abortion does all three. If you were a proper Christian you would understand this commandment and you would understand that having or performing an abortion totally breaks the commandment "Love your neighbour as you love yourself", in every way. Pope Pius said "Every human being even the child in the mothers womb a right to life delivered from God, not from parents or any human society or authority". Pope Pius was referring to the rights of a human. He says that every human has the right to live even if that human is a foetus in the womb. People who are pro life, like Catholics, have a number of reasons why they are against abortions. Firstly because science has proven that from the moment of conception the unborn child is a human being, they take the rights of a human into consideration. So because every human has the right to live, an unborn child also has the right to live because it is still a human being. Pro-life supporters believe that even if you don't want the child you can have the child adopted or fostered. ...read more.


The cost of raising a child is quite high nowadays and people might not be able to afford another child or even one. Many child benefits and family allowances are low and another child would be a burden. Some pro-choice supporters would argue that some women don't want to have children and their wants should be respected. Contraceptives aren't always 100% proof and if it fails then abortion should be allowed if contraception does fail. One of the main arguments for abortion is that a foetus is not a human but instead it's a collection of cells, which has not yet developed into an organism even though it has been proven by medical science that it is not just a collection of cells but a developing child. In my opinion I believe that the Catholic Church is right, abortion is sinful and morally unacceptable in any society. Some of the points that I have expressed in the argument of the pro-choice movement have been appalling for example; 'The child is likely to be handicapped and will not have any quality of life anyway. They are a nuisance to society and their family- a burden! Prevention is better than a cure.' Although this is believed to be true, it is not and handicapped people have been known to live their lives in good quality and also to provide a service. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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