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Discussion on Abortion.

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Abortion Abortion is a voluntary induced termination of pregnancy through a small surgical procedure, although the ru486 is available as a termination pill. In the UK, abortion can legally be performed up to the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy, although there are exceptions beyond this stage for example, life threatening situations to the mother or the unborn child. If this is the case, a termination can take place up until the end of pregnancy. Two doctors must give their consent for the abortion to take place and specify the reasons why. Under the 1967 Abortion Act, (appendix 2) abortion may only be carried out if continuation of the pregnancy would risk the health of the woman, whether mentally or physically or that of her existing children. In this assignment I aim to present both sides of the argument as to whether abortion is right or wrong. There can be many reasons why terminations take place. The major influence is social circumstances. These range from financial hardship to difficult relationships and family pressure. In today's society woman are the main managers of the home whether they are single or married. So therefore they have to deal with all the pressures and stresses of running the home, bringing up a family and in some cases having a career as well. For some women, having another child adds to everyday pressures and they believe they will not be able to cope with the extra responsibility of bringing that child up. ...read more.


This increases breast cancer by up to 50%. (Somerville, 1993,p.13) Many women believe when having a termination they are not actually `killing` a baby; they are only removing a foetus. This is not the case as proven by a study on a twelve-week old foetus. (Nathanson, 2001, p.7) The study states that at this stage of the pregnancy, the neuro anatomic structures are present. These are the sensory nerves that feels pain and the motor nerves that sends a message to the unborn brain which in turn feels pain. (An unborn baby's brain is developed at 40 days) A twelve-week foetus being sucked into the abortion apparatus can clearly be seen through a scan, opening its mouth and pulling its hand away from the suction. The heartbeat doubles in speed; this would suggest that the foetus does feel pain. In the 70`s the feminist movement began; feminists advocate free choice. Women should be allowed freedom of choice and expression at all times " for their own good ". Feminists and pro-choice believe every woman has the right to control her own body, regardless of the facts of the above study. It is still the woman's right whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Abortion must be the mother's decision alone and not society's. Some men, however liberal they think they are, may not agree with the feminist view. ...read more.


She believes the abortion was not carried out properly. After giving birth to Darcy now aged 2, she feels so much guilt everytime she looks at her daughter. The abortion clinic has agreed to pay a five-figure sum for clinical negligence. Arguably abortion is not only itself a grave injustice; it also perpetuates other social injustices. It does not solve social problems such as unstable relationships, poor housing and financial security, which leads, many women to seek and end their pregnancies. It actually undermines the will of society at the level of family, peer groups and the government. Arguably, there are only a few women who regret giving birth. Most lovingly bring up their children regardless of relationship breakdown and financial problems. Mothers seem to manage their problems without it interfering with their child. As abortion rates have increased so has child abuse (see appendix 2) there is no evidence that abortion reduces the amount of child abuse. (See appendix 2) Regardless of age if a woman is forced to have a child she does not really want, this could cause problems later in the mother child relationship. The child could become psychologically disturbed, have low self esteem due to the feeling of not being wanted and loved despite the opinion of what others may think, termination is not the easy way out as some may believe. It is the probably the most soul searching decision a woman will have to make in her life. ...read more.

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