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Discussion on Abortion.

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Abortion Abortion is the death of a baby in the womb, and it's expulsion from the mother's body. It is when the pregnancy is terminated deliberately. The abortion act of 1967 says that a woman can have an abortion if it will cause physical or mental heath problems to the pregnant woman, or the existing children. Also it allows women to have an abortion if the baby is disabled or if the mother's life is at risk. Many Christians oppose abortion. There are many reasons given why they do. They feel that no one has the right to destroy a life, as from the moment of conception it is a human being, for any reason, and a satisfactory life will always come of every person, if given the chance. ...read more.


Also it is her life, and she should be able to decide what she does with it. Also for things such as rape, the baby is unwanted and therefore shouldn't be brought into the world, as it is that child that will suffer. They would base their view on the principle in the Bible that the sanctity of life talks about the quality of life, but a disabled child would not have a worthy life. This would mean they would agree to and abortion if there were a problem with the foetus. Also, they say that God gives them a free will and no one has the right to take it away from them. ...read more.


I don't feel that the unborn child has any right as it is part of the mother's body, and it's her life that's affected, so she should be able to decide her future. Also I agree the baby should only be brought into the world if it is wanted, otherwise that child will severely suffer, especially if the mother was a victim of rape, or underage. I feel adoption is a lot harder to cope with as by the time the baby is born, there is a bond formed between mother and baby, which is difficult to break at the end of the nine months. I fell this right should be made until the end of pregnancy so the mother can back out at any time, if needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kathryn John ...read more.

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