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Discuussion on the Existence of life after death is an important part of Christian belief.

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ROBERT NELSON 10H ii) Life after Death Existence of life after death is an important part of Christian belief. Most Christians believe that everybody has a soul and a body. The soul is immortal, which means it will not die and after life on earth, it will either go to heaven or hell. Some believe heaven is a place where you are re-united with friends and family and live with them and God and hell a place where you are made to suffer and inflicted with pain. Other Christians believe heaven and hell to simply be states of mind. In heaven you are happy and living with God. Whereas in hell you are unhappy and living without god. ...read more.


In life now, it is almost impossible to obey the Ten Commandments, I can't think of any person I know who doesn't do anything on a Sunday, the Sabbath. If a person doesn't obey the Ten Commandments, are they likely to go to hell for a period. In my opinion it would be unfair. As there is no scientific evidence to suggest there is anything beyond death, nothing can be proved. The only light evidence we have is people who claim to have had near death experiences. Some of these people say they rose from their body and moved towards a bright light, but is this enough evidence to say there is anything beyond death? ...read more.


But for every good in the world, there is also an evil. For example: Heaven and hell, God and Satan, kindness and unkindness. So I think there has got to be a place where there is evil beyond death. So if you only believe in Heaven and not Hell,does that mean all the murderers and criminals will go to heaven. If this was true there would be no discipline on earth and people would be able to do what they want. In summary, majority of Christians believe there is a heaven and a hell ,God is in Heaven and Satan is in Hell. This majority also believe in heaven you are happy and in hell you are unhappy. The Roman Catholic proportion of Christians believe in Purgatory. All Christians believe God will be a part of their afterlife, which is why they are called Christians-which means believing in Christ. ...read more.

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