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Diverse Cultures and Traditions Assignment

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Jack Mariner Diverse Cultures and Traditions Assignment I am going to discuss the differences in two stories. Both stories are about diverse cultures and traditions. The first story is called 'Veronica' and the second is called 'Looking For a Rain God'. Veronica is about a young girl called Veronica with the responsibility of bringing up her family. Her mother was very weak and her father was a brute. She had to help them and bring up all the other children. Her friend, Okeke, helped her from time to time, but there was little that he could do. He lived near Veronica but his parents weren't brutes nor were they weak. They had a very strong friendly relationship and did a lot together. As time passed, still friendly, Okeke left to go to school. They met occasionally and were always pleased to see each other. After five years or so Okeke won a scholarship to the University. He left her for good this time. As Okeke is getting an education, Veronica stayed; thinking her meaning in life was with her family and looking after them. Veronica became lonely then after a couple of years a civil war broke out. ...read more.


She feels the family needs her and gives up what could have been a better life. 'They are my family, that is good enough.' She says that she should stay for the reason that they are her family, that is a good enough reason to stay. 'I can't just leave my family.' The story is similar in 'Looking for a Rain God' through the toughest of times in the seven-year drought the family stayed together. The parents worried and the children played. When the children made dolls out of sticks representing their mother they made her say things like 'You stupid thing! When I send you to draw water, why do you spill half of it out of the bucket?' The mother says this to the children. I feel that although these are negative words it represents a good relationship between the children and the mother. Firstly, as in 'Veronica' the children are helping out not minding. Secondly, the children wouldn't want to be rude, mimicking their mother. They must think it's a way of life and they love their mum enough to make dolls imitating her. The father has a good relationship with his son Ramadi, when he thinks of an idea to make the rainfall, he tells his son first as if they are best friends. ...read more.


Mokgobja tries to change fate but in doing so ends up in a worse predicament. In the story about the rain god one tradition is the land and agriculture. They are so bound to the land for their livelihood, that if the land perishes so do they. Both writers show the influence of modern society on traditional village life. This is shown in Veronica with Okeke going away to the village and coming back an educated man. He goes to the town and witnesses' technology and business's and he sees a rapid change of pace of life. When he returns home, both the dirtiness and poverty amaze him, in his village. Technology is present in this story with the flash cars, expensive gadgets and big buildings. Technology is not a feature in 'Looking for a rain god' but police are present which is a new situation. My conclusion is that you should do what you believe to be right. I don't believe in sacrifice, I think that it is wrong to take somebody's life. I would find water another way. If I was Veronica, I would act differently. I would want to look after my family but when my responsibilities ended I would go looking for education, moving into the city to find a better lifestyle. ...read more.

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