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Divorce and Its Effects on Children and Society

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Divorce and Its Effects on Children and Society Divorce is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person. The only more stressful single event is a death. It can be very difficult to cope with the feelings your parents' divorce produces in you. No one plans on a divorce. When people marry, they want it to be forever. But for whatever reason, more and more often these days marriages are ending in divorce. And many of these marriages leave children to deal with the effects of their parents' decision. If your parents are getting divorced or have gotten divorced, you are probably still trying to cope with the pain. You may have a lot of leftover feelings you don't even realize are there. And you may have many questions about why this happened to your family. Often a divorce seems like the end of the world. Your life changes suddenly and drastically and you can't change it back. ...read more.


Co-operation and commitment promote family unity and ensure a happy marriage. The key for marriage bonds to remain strong is to practise effective communication. Families who are able to cope effectively with stress seem to have a problem-solving style based on affirming communication. These families talk things through calmly until they reach a solution. They respect other family members' feelings taking care not to hurt each other and taking time to hear what each person has to say. These families end conflict on a positive note. The risk of divorce occurring is thus reduced. Couples need to understand that their actions will, in some way or another, affect the growth and development of their children. As parents they have to be more effectively involved in the education of their children. Education systems everywhere are moving to collaborative models where all groups who are affected by educational decisions participate in making them. Studies have shown that children can help save a marriage on the rocks. ...read more.


Some children grief for the loss of the family they have known and the daily presence of the two parents familiar in their daily life while others attempt to convince themselves that the divorce is not really happening, that the problem will go away. Yet too there are those who develop anger against the parents for what they perceive as betrayal by those they love deeply and who, they believe, should be able to keep the family intact. Few grow to accept the change for a different life, sinking into a state of depression. The emotional well being of the child is affected as a result. Finally, divorce also exerts an impact on society and these remain a threat to the future generation. Due to the rise of divorces over the years, many begin to have an idea that marriages do not last long. The impression of life-long marriages is fast fading away. The fear of divorce is one of the reasons why many potential couples are not settling down when they reach marriageable age. This will not only hamper the growth of society but also destroy the concept that love eventually leads to marriage. ...read more.

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