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Divorce and Re-marriage

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Explain religious teachings about divorce and re-marriage from two religions Religions have different views about divorce and re-marriage, depending on the different religious teachings which that religion follows. In Christianity, Catholics and Protestants have different views. For example, in Catholicism divorce is not possible as Catholics believe that marriage is in front of God, meaning that God is the third person in the marriage. Therefore, if you get a divorce, not only are you divorcing your partner, but you are also divorcing God. ...read more.


In Protestantism however, Protestants recognise that marriages can break down, and civil divorces are acceptable. This is because one of Jesus' teachings is: 'Don't judge others, but forgive them.' This teaches Protestants to forgive their partner no matter what they have done and move on, even if divorce is the right way forward. On the issue of re-marriage, Catholics and Protestants have different views once again, as Protestant Parish Ministers agree to re-marriage as they go along with the teaching: 'Don't judge others, but forgive them.' ...read more.


This is because one of the Buddhists beliefs is 'limit harm and suffering in all situations' - so by getting a divorce it would put an end to the suffering. However, another one of the Buddhists beliefs is that you should 'take the most compassionate course of action', so although Buddhists are allowed to get a divorce, and get re-married, they should take care not to hurt the previous partner in the process, as otherwise this would produce bad karma. This belief also applies if children are involved, as re-marriage would only be acceptable if it would provide a stable environment for the children. ...read more.

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