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"Divorce is always wrong" Do you agree? Give reasons for and against this statement.

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Divorce "Divorce is always wrong" Do you agree? Give reasons for and against this statement. I think that divorce isn't always wrong because if your spouse is having an affair with another person then you (as one of the partners) will probably not trust them, so there will be no love. Marriage is where two people join legally but divorce is the opposite. Divorce is where you legally get separated from your spouse. Another reason why a husband and wife may get divorced is that they may have drifted apart, making the marriage loveless. My mum also thinks that divorce is sometimes right because she got divorced. Another reason one of the partners may want a divorce is that the other partner is committing physical abuse on the other partner. ...read more.


In a Christian faith you can get a divorce but it has to be a very special reason. If your spouse dies then you are legally single. Another reason for disagreeing with me is that if your going to get married you have to stay married because it is gods join but if you get divorced you are breaking gods join. The procedure for a divorce is very difficult. Most of it is done on paper. The divorce goes in this order: 1. Petitioner's (the person filing for divorce) solicitor prepares and lodges papers at the Court. There will be a Petition, a Statement of Arrangements for Children, the marriage certificate and one or two standard forms. There is also a fee payable to the Court of �150. ...read more.


However, if there is a dispute over the payment of costs, this may have to come before the Judge. 8. Children Appointment [if there is a dispute or the judge wants further information about the children]. 9. Decree Absolute can be applied for six weeks and one day after Decree Nisi. It is not automatic, the Petitioner can decide when and if to apply for it. There is a further fee payable of �30. Those on Income Support and Working Families Tax Credit are exempt. As you can see, one hiccup and it can go horridly wrong. The children in a divorce normally go to the mother but in some cases they go to the father. The children can also go to court and say where they would like to live. If the child is under a certain age then the judge will say where he/she lives. Lewis Cook 10/1 10EW ...read more.

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