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DivorceThe Christian Attitude to Divorce.We will study 3 denominations:

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The Christian Attitude to Divorce. We will study 3 denominations: 1. The Roman Catholic view; 2. The Protestant view (Church of England); 3. The Free Churches, The Friends (Quakers). All denominations follow the Bible. They interpret the bible differently. Some take the Bible literally (accept every word as true). What is the Church of England's Attitude to Divorce? It does not accept divorce because marriage is for life. It accepts Jesus' attitude which was... "Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her. The same for the woman." Jesus said later that divorce was allowed unless a person had committed adultery. Then it was considered wrong. He recognised Jewish Law allowed divorce. He didn't approve of divorce. ...read more.


It is not allowed. The Roman Catholic Church takes the words of the Bible literally: - Once a Christian marriage has taken place the two have become 'one flesh'. - The marriage is made by God and cannot be dissolved or ended by anything people do - only by death. - If a couple who have been married in church get a divorce from the State, the Church teaches that they are still married in the eyes of God. They are not free to marry again while their previous wife or husband is still alive. - Catholics follow the teachings of Saint Mark where Jesus does not allow divorce. Annulments:- The Catholic Church however does allow the possibility that there may never have been a real marriage in the first place, even though the couple went through a wedding service together. ...read more.


Catholics whose marriages have been annulled are free to marry in church even though the person to whom they were previously 'married' to is still alive. Reasons for the Different Attitudes to Divorce. Christians have different attitudes because they interpret the Bible differently and disagree about whether marriage is a sacrament. The Catholic Church does not allow divorce because: > Jesus taught that divorce is wrong in Mark's Gospel; > The couple have made a covenant with God in the sacrament of marriage, and that covenant cannot be broken by any earthly power. Non-Catholic Christians allow divorce because: > Jesus allowed divorce in Matthew 19:9 for a partner's adultery (fornication); > Christians are allowed forgiveness and a new change for confessed sins so they should have another chance at marriage as long as they are determined to make it work this time; > It is better to divorce than live in hatred and quarrel all the time. ...read more.

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