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Do Animals have Rights?

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´╗┐Do animals have rights? The ethics surrounding the use of animals by humans. Animals have a large number of uses, here are some examples; Pets: Cats, Dogs, Hamsters, and Parrots etc. Food: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb etc. Food producer: Eggs, Milk, Butter, Cheese. Work: Police Dogs, Horse and Cart, Guide dogs for the blind. Sport: Show jumping, Greyhound races, racing pidgins. Medical reasons, test drugs on animals e.g. mice. There are many arguments between the uses of animals by humans. The leading arguments favouring animal research as such: Certain compounds, be they food or pharmaceuticals, may have unpredicted effects that no amount of calculation or research is going to uncover. ...read more.


The leading arguments against animal research as such: Simply because animals are not human does not imply they don't feel pain, despair, torture, and horror, somewhat as we do. Inflicting torturous procedures on animals in order to spare ourselves the pain seems morally reckless at best, and arrogant to the point of hubris at worst. As we do not "own" these creatures, we have no inherent right to subject them against their will to what we ourselves call inhumane practices, any more than we have a right to torture animals for our amusement. And worse, up until recently, this testing wasn't solely reserved for matters of life and death, or even human health; we tested with animals in order to discover the potential dangers of cosmetics (although this practice has almost stopped, and will stop in your lifetime). ...read more.


Even those who think animals do not have rights should note to themselves; animals are conscious beings not machines or objects animals have interests of their own humans should respect the interests of non-human animals humans should not exploit animals humans should not treat animals as objects Humans should not kill animals for no reason. With all points in mind, in my opinion, I conclude that animals do have rights and should be respected but also should be allowed to be killed due to the right reasons. For example if there is a virus spreading and the only way to cure is the usage of animals then for that reason you should kill an animal. Another point in favour of using animals is that to make sure that there are no side effects so the animal can live a happy life after. ...read more.

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