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Do Some of Us Take the Moral High Ground?

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DO SOME OF US TAKE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND Ethics are a method of establishing the differences between right and wrong. So that people could work from a common base.It was felt that what man ought to do ,was not always based on rational and objective thoughts, beliefs and attitudes,Drowatzsky 1996.So the principle of the ideal objective observer was drawn upon,under the collective field of thought known as supernaturalism.Supernaturalism teaches us,that there is no tangible ideal observer.God is the only observer of that calibre.Man should base his actions and practices on what god would desire of him.It was believed in doing so we would be doing the will of God;as the guidelines for what is right and wrong stem from the teachings of the bible. Conrlict is thrown up when addressing the problems that aethists face.Aethists are people who have kept the morals associated with their religious teachings,but have rejected the origins and the basis of those teachings.In this way supernaturalism is subject to ones relationship with God .As such,it will not be of benefit, to a porportion of society in deciding what is right or wrong ,in the course of ones actions, Gensler 1998. The value of life is a stable value ,in terms or the teachings of the bible.With all lives being valued equally,irrespective of age, sex,race, religion,social status or there potential value.The original ethical teachings taught us this;the law upheld it and religion introduced it.Self preservation was the only instance ...read more.


have held up their ideas of what the ideal woman should be.In the past it was men who defined the boundaries of what the ideal woman should aspire to,hoa she should present herself and behave.A womans role was traditionally viewed as caregivers and mothers.Women had been judged on how well they performed this role,and by the value of their offspringWith the womans liberation movement ,Women have found means and ways of penetrating higher working positions and have demanded to be viewed at an equal level to menREF .Man has successfully been able to harness the natural behaviour of the female reproductive system.;through the development of technological interventions made possible by the accumulation of scientific knowledge and understanding.The first test tube baby was born in 1978 as a result of invitro fertilization,this was to become a major landmark within the medical sphere , it paved the way to a new age of conception and has made it possible for women to leave their childbearing years to a time when it would make more practical sense.DEVELOP When prenatal screening was first being developed its primary function was to put the mothers mind at rest,that all was well with her baby.The aim was to result in a less anxiety ridden pregnancy.But what if the mother is than faced with the possibility that her child is deformed or handicapped in any way.She is than faced with the decision of whether she should abort that baby or not ;a ...read more.


utilitarianism these duties may not produce good results for the individual ,but they may find themselves shuffled into a system,with no back door or alternative.Minorities are not considered or respected in this instance,Gensler 1998 Beaufort accuses the field of ethics of simplification;in that ethics commitees are being supported to a large degree by members who are supposed to have studied the subject indepth.However,this is not always the case,as ethics commitees are composed to a large degree, of people who have jumped the bandwagon ;as governments have made what seems like vast sums of money available;to the research of ethical solutions.Simply because technology keeps pushing its way forward ,at a faster pace than the normal Joe Bloggs can keep up with.Soft answers will not be sufficient to the tough questions being asked.Bauman asserts that there are no answers ,the age of technology is out of control,technology has got a grip on us ,using the world and its people as an experimental environment,Bauman .Beaufort is also cynical about the governments involvement with ethical committes, as he feels that politicans may use,them as a diversion to answering the tough questions put to them on the way up the political ladder.Ethics committees can also be used as a get out clause for bad practise by companies who can afford the fees.Given time an ethical committee could refute or justify any bad practise,Beaufort1111 It will generally be at the expense of the lay man ,health or pocket. 1 5 ...read more.

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