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Do you agree that life is the highest value? Is there anything of equally high or of higher value?

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Do you agree that life is the highest value? Is there anything of equally high or of higher value? I think that life is the highest value in today's world although life can't proceed without any money either, which then could be classed as a higher value than life. I personally think that all human beings are equal and everyone should have the rights to live. I personally feel that something greater than my life is my family. So if I had to sacrifice my self for my family I would do so because that's the way I feel about life. I judge that life is precious but not precious than my family simply because I love them a lot and nothing in the world could change that. However there are some people who may not feel happy with their life or may think that there is nothing for left for them in this world and may sacrifice their own life's for others. ...read more.


I judge that when we say that is there anything higher than life then we could argue about how money ruins life and how money makes life, but also that someone doesn't sacrifice life at a blink of an eye for no reason. So for example I wouldn't sacrifice my life for one of my friends who knew what the results of their actions were going to be for doing something stupid and dragging me along would only make me waste my life for something stupid such as drugs or murder mass. Referring to murder I also think that no one should have the right to take someone else's life away either. I think this because everyone have the same rights on this planet and no one should be differed from anyone else simply because we are all going to belong to soil at the end of our lives. In addition, The Sanctity of life has a big role to play with self-murder. ...read more.


But do we really follow these teachings? Do we actually think that money has no value and therefore the value of money should be changed so everyone can have a better way of life and living? This certainly doesn't happen to people who suffer from diseases simply because they are living in poverty and because they have no money they live for life, for others and share what they have because they know money is the answer to most of the things but they won't have the easy access to it. So simply if there is anything greater than a life it has to be the family we have and most importantly the knowledge we can use to earn for our families and live a life a luxury life. This is what everyone wants but may not be able to have simple because there isn't enough money for them or they have other problems with their life hold on to rather than worrying about luxury all the time. ...read more.

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