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Do you believe one can be a sincere Christian and believe in the theory of evolution?

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TOK SCIENCE Critical thinking skills Do you believe one can be a sincere Christian and believe in the theory of evolution? Although the theory of evolution and Christianity clash greatly, and there are on going battles trying to prove which is more correct, I believe there is a chance that one can be a sincere Christian yet still believe in the theory of evolution. The mere mentioning of these two topics in the same breath causes huge uproar and questions to be posed. Avid churchgoers always seem to ask, "Why does science constantly try to disprove the Christian religion?" while others state that the bible says that "God created the world in seven days", thus proving that there is no evolution. On the other hand the scientists have an altogether different mentality. ...read more.


upon reading the whole bible cover to cover, that there is no place in the bible that states that God created the world in seven consecutive days. Following that fact, it is then unclear that, if God did create the world, how long did he dawdle between creating one thing and the next? How long was the time between the day he made animals and the day he made humans? Centuries could have passed before he decided to use his next free "day" to create something. In these centuries, animals and plants that had already been created could have evolved, changing and adapting to suit the world around them. Science has proven through the discovery of skeletons, that there has been a gradual change in the shape and size of man and other animals in the past centuries. ...read more.


Although this does not disprove the ideas portrayed in the bible, it does not do anything to increase my faith. In conclusion, despite the fact that there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove either of the theories, and the fact that many people believe that they completely contradict each other, it is possible that one may believe in both theories. As in actual fact they do not completely contradict each other but fit in perfectly. There is no proof in the religion that God created the world in seven consecutive days, which may have led to some evolution, and then when he finally did create man, evolution may have ceased, thus there is the question of the missing link, the final stage between ape and man. This compromise between the two theories would put an end to a debate that has been going on for many years. And would make the world a whole lot less complicated. Amen! ...read more.

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