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Do you believe that the death penalty should be re-instated in Great Britain?

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Assignment Title: - Do you believe that the death penalty should be re-instated in Great Britain? I think that fear of death discourages people from committing crimes. The penalty of death, an image of this is Timothy McVeigh who bombed Oklahoma. He felt no sorrow for the pain he had caused and he knew what he would receive in return for the slaughter he brought down upon Oklahoma. He was executed on June 11th 2002 and to this day he lives on. He is not someone that the world wishes to remember but he always will be, just like Hitler and many others who caused grief to the world. Timothy was the "master of his fate" and the "captain of his soul." He was unbeatable because each day those affected by the bombing have to remember him and know what he put them through. This should show that in some cases people would not regret in what they have done, their feelings to the subject would not change. ...read more.


Instead of the death penalty they brought in the sentence to life. This is not been very effective as some prisoners are released as little as seven years and many more don't serve more then ten years and then the murderers are released. "Even when 'life imprisonment' is imposed, it has proved to be a totally misleading phrase." Quote by Paul Johnson. I think that the quote implies that the quote is misleading because when life imprisonment is giving with it comes a minimum of years to do prison time, for what reason? In order to provide its reason, it must be adjusted and made more effective. If the punishment fits the crime it is suitable, even to the limit of death. Great Britain needs someone for deciding who receives the death penalty by a jury. The death penalty should be helped in order to truly put off crime. I strongly feel towards using capital punishment for unspeakable crimes. ...read more.


Although the process would have been very long her husband would have been brought down rather then both of them. In conclusion to this essay I agree that the death penalty should be brought back to a certain extent because if people realise for doing such crimes they will be sentenced to death. This will make other murderers think twice about what they are going to do. I also think that it should be brought back because since the death penalty has been abolished the amount of crimes and murders has increased and the people who do them have no such fear. On the other hand I think that the death penalty is brutal and in some ways if a prisoner is put to death it should be painless and the quickest way where as the putting of poison into the blood took time and pain. This in my eyes the executioner who did such a thing has dug as low as the murderer. It is also ending the person life in an unnatural way as you are ending their time before it should be. ...read more.

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