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Do you think that the Catholic Church should allow its priests to marry? Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought about more than one point of view.

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Amy Brown Do you think that the Catholic Church should allow its priests to marry? Give reasons for your answer showing you have thought about more than one point of view. There are many arguments why priests should be allowed to marry in the Catholic Church. Priesthood is vocation which should have been based on true dedication to the church. I feel it would be unfair, if marrying in the Roman Catholic Church was suddenly allowed for those priests who had already been ordained and who had led celibate lives, as they had not had the loving relationships and the opportunities of children. I believe this is the strongest reason why priests should be able to marry. Marriage is an exclusive relationship which is special and unique and the love and has the life giving idea of children. A priest being married may equally be an advantage. ...read more.


All in all, I believe that priests being married would not necessarily be a major disadvantage to the Church. A wife could be as much an advantage as a disadvantage. I think a wife could help support her husband through priesthood by being there for him when he may need her. Examine the argument for ordaining women as priests. There are many arguments to ordaining women. Ordaining women is not allowed in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the main reasons for this is that when Jesus chose his disciples he chose twelve men to follow him in his mission. He did not choose any women one reason may be that women where not very powerful in the time of the New Testament and men were more dominant. There was little equal rights then than there is today. What is stopping women being priests today as there should be equal opportunities? ...read more.


The Church of England ordains women as priests and it has not harmed that church so why would it harm the Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand Christ was a man and it is suggested that this was not accidental and it was the divine purpose. When some people think of the idea of a women being a priest they feel it not being right as they have always had the idea of a man being a priest. All in all, I believe that the idea of women being priests is controversial. Many people would have different opinions to the idea. In my opinion I believe that women could be priests if they felt the calling from God and had the true determination to become a priest. I think that the Roman Catholic Church could consider equal rights in the church. Although I do agree with men being priests as this may have been Gods purpose as Jesus only choose men to be his disciples and men again to follow on his mission. ...read more.

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