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does analogy inevitably lead to agnosticism?Access the strengths and weaknesses of analogy?

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Access the strengths and weaknesses of analogy? Strengths Weaknesses *? Analogy of proportion- where a word is used to refer to a quality a thing posse's e.g. a dog is loyal in the way dogs are loyal and therefore although we lack understanding of god in the same way a dog is loyal we can understand that God is all-powerful as we as humans can understand the idea of power. ...read more.


*? Ian Ramsey said there is need for models such as God's omnipotence refers to his power and omnipotence being 'all-powerful' singles out God making him unique and Ramsey said that more models and qualifiers were needed to give a fuller and more adequate description of the reality of God. *? The problem with the analogy of proportion is that in the way Aquinas points out the characteristics of a dog's loyalty, if you look at it in a ...read more.


*? Philosophers have rejected analogy as there is a need of shared understanding and some basis for comparison this is not possible when speaking about God as we lack understanding. *? One floor from Aquinas is mainly his approach- causation by which terms can be ascribed to God analogically as he is the causer, but if all is attributed to God, if you use cause as the term then Aquinas is arguing analogy with analogy- an example of a CIRCLE ARGUMENT. ...read more.

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